Music Monday: The Want to Dance Edition

The past week, the unthinkable happened.

I got sick. Deathly, feverish, shivering, coughing, incapacitated sick.

I like to brag that I never get sick. And although this is generally true, this particular bug proved me wrong.

I felt more frustrated than anything. I was annoyed that I could not live my normal life. I had to let my work pile up, skip my workouts and yoga classes. I could barely eat and taking a shower was an enormous chore.

The fevers have now passed and although I am still coughing, the worst of it is over.

All the energy I stored up from lying in bed for days on end, is finally kicking in.

I feel alive again and have a whole new appreciation for my health. What an amazing gift it is to feel whole, and all I want to do is DANCE!

This is my go-to song when I need to dance. I just love this version of Whitney. The sweetness, the super fun hair, the bright clothes…how can anyone sit still?

DANCE with me into this Monday and please keep praying for Bobbi Kristina!

Music Monday: The Importance of Mothers Edition

Ed & I met up over the weekend to debrief over our week, re-connect and discuss our ideas for this blog for the month.

We started discussing our mothers and how our relationships have changed with them as we have become adults. We have both realized how important our mothers are to us and have been reflecting on how appreciative we both are for sacrifices they made and the way we were raised, even though we did not appreciate them in those past moments.

I heard the devastating news about Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina yesterday and felt the eerie sense of history repeating itself. I felt so awful for this lost little girl, who must be hurting from such a deep place from the passing of her mother at such a young age. I myself am not even over the loss of Whitney, so I can only imagine how Bobbi feels.

Having lost my dad when I was 28, I know how devastating it can be to lose a parent before you are prepared (and really, are you ever prepared for that?). Losing my father was the toughest task I have had cross my spiritual path yet, but knowing I had my mom helped me through, immensely.

But, losing my mom feels absolutely unimaginable. After losing my dad, I realized how much I still need her, and even after the age of 31, some days I just want my mommy.

I am sure Bobbi Kristina had those days, too and was unable to cope with the reality of Whitney’s absence. I can only speculate about what she has been going through, but I am sure this moment in her life was fueled by pain and suffering.

Hold on, Bobbi. Know that a mother’s love never dies and know all of your sisters around this world are praying for you.


This song always was and still is, for you.