Music Monday: Theme Song of 2016

I like to start off my year by picking a theme song. Along with setting my intentions for the year, I like to choose a song as a personal ballad to play through my head as I move towards my intentions.

This year, I intend to move towards more intensity in various areas of my life. I have treated myself with a lot of care, softness and healing in the past year, because I needed it. I still reserve my right to use these methods when I need to, but I feel ready to move on and turn up the heat in my life.

In 2016, I want to sing more in my car.

I want to push myself more in my workouts.

I want to go to more hot yoga classes.

I want to say yes more, but still assert my right to say no.

I want to make the most out of my time alone in the mornings.

I want to read both for fun and for knowledge.

I want to become a better yoga teacher.

I want to infuse passion into my career.

I want to strengthen my personal relationships and move them past the point of shallow conversations. I want less pleasantries and more honesty. I want to decrease any conversations based on toxicity or negativity.

I want to stop relying on negative coping mechanisms and be brave enough to cope honestly with my issues and stress.

As I reflected back on my favorite books of 2015, I realized I was gravitating towards women who garnered their strength from vulnerability and honesty. I spent the past few years opening up, finding peace with my own vulnerability and decreasing my shame in my own perceived “weaknesses.” I feel ready to now emerge into the strength and embody the lessons I have learned from the hurtful moments of my life.

The song that will rally me along is Fleetwood Mac’s “Golddust Woman.” Partly because I want to picture myself as Stevie Nicks wearing this super fun hat:

super fun hat But mostly, because I interpret this song about a woman who is not to be messed with, a woman who will not be stopped or driven off her path. A woman who rocks on and does not fall in line to anyone’s limitations of her.

Rock on, gold dust woman will be pumping through my veins when I do not want to go to the gym, when I would rather sleep in or when I want to hide from myself. I am ready to embrace my strength and be brave.

What is your song for 2016?

Music Monday: The Shawl Version

Spring Break is ending for me this Monday as Ed is starting his vacation.

We were talking this weekend about the need we both have to cast off some bad habits.  I have found myself back in a negative pattern of coping with stress; turning to food and too many margaritas to deal with upsetting emotions and feeling overwhelmed.

I know this is physically and emotionally taking it’s toll. It’s time for me to wrap myself up in my protective shawl and spin like Stevie. It’s time to re-focus and get back to my positive coping mechanisms; asking for help when I need it, meditating morning & night, yoga, running, writing, hot tea, green juice and essential oils.

shawl Ed & I have talked about the freedom that comes from spinning in this shawl. We love pretending like we are our hero Stevie and finding that simultaneous protection and freedom that the shawl brings.

SONY DSC Landslide is definitely a classical favorite. To me, it is about that realization that it is time to re-focus and make some changes. It’s time to seek out something new, because what you were doing is not working anymore.

Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the season of my life?

No matter which season of life we are in, we have our shawl and we have each other.

Gather under the imaginary shawl with us today, sisters, if you need it for you Monday and your week.