Music Monday: The Vacation Edition

This Monday officially kicks of my two week vacation. This break is so ridiculously needed and I am so grateful to say I have little planned.

My husband and I are both school district employees and fortunate enough to have the same vacations. Generally, during our breaks, we have a plane ticket ready, a camping trip booked or our backpacks set to hike. I thrive on the adventure and the opportunity to explore.

However, we both agreed that this break, we truly needed to relax, renew and EXHALE.

I am reveling in the knowledge that I have very little planned. I am sure there will be a day or two of hiking, some camping, some day tripping….or not. The freedom of these next two weeks is deeeeeeelish.

I am looking forward to HOURS on my couch with my hello kitty blanket, a massive cup of tea and entertained by books, blogs or Netflix.

I absolutely LOVED this song when it came out and I can relate so well, even today. I am in need of having “Just One of Dem Days” multiple times in a row. I promise nothing is wrong, but I need to just be. I do not want to talk, solve problems, plan or be productive.

I think a lot of our sisters hour there can relate to this song. I want to hear from you! Tell me, what helps when you are having just one of dem days?