Music Monday: The Latina Version

Ed & I are proud Latinas.

We both embody and defy each stereotype out there about what it is like to be a modern, brown girl, living in a patriarchal dominated society.

We have explored this topic at length and have come to the conclusion that we do not fit into any type of box that someone would try to put us in.

We will not be traditional in the sense that we are submissive to any man. We will not fulfill gender stereotypes and sentence ourselves to the kitchen.

We are, however, emotional, passionate, fiery, even. To quote one of my Latina cousins, we “love hard.” We’ve discussed what this means and realized this has given us permission to explore past patterns of misplaced emotion and dysfunctional relationships.

But, when we love, we give it our all. We do the same thing when we hate.



“We are not saints, we are not whores. We are just women.”

This Shakira song embodies this sentiment. It displays the passion, emotion and pride we feel as Latinas, and the fun, love and heart we have to offer others. Dance along with, bailamos, as we sashay into this coming week!

Music Monday: The Premiere

Mondays get a bad rap, but not without good reason. The weekend is over (sometimes too quickly) and the insanity of the work week greets you head on. It can often be difficult to stay positive under such circumstances, and I have found that having a song of the morning or even a particular melody to set the theme to my week, helps to get me motivated and energized.

Many, many times, Eddie and I will send one another a screen shot of the song we are listening to or a link to video of the particular jam that is setting the intention for our day, week or even mantra. We wanted to start this Music Monday series to include the rest of our internet sisters in on the fun, and hopefully, give Mondays a more positive connotation.

The inaugural song for this series is “Hideaway” by Kiesza.

I have been playing this song non-stop lately and am addicted to the syncopated beats. It totally makes me want to drop whatever I am doing and DANCE. The video is also super fun and Kiesza definitely earns extra points with me for her super cute, red shoes and suspenders. I take the message of the video to mean that there is no problem that cannot be danced away with your girlfriends. I wholeheartedly agree.

So, even if Mondays have you feeling like this:

Just remember, we have your back, sisters, and can dance through anything together!

What song is in your head this Monday?