Mantra Monday: “I Speak My Truth Freely”

This has been the chakra I have (and continue to) the most active work with. It does not come naturally for me to speak my truth, but with very mindful intentions, I am slowly getting there.
 How do you speak your truth? 

Mantra Monday: “I Allow Myself to be Loved.”

The chakras continue to become more tangible and meaningful as life unfolds. As I focus on the heart chakra and deepening meaningful connections with others, I am also reminded of what throws the heart chakra off balance most: GRIEF.

It’s hard to make to adulthood without experiencing some form of grief or loss. This can of course be the physical loss of a loved one, but it does not always have to be defined simply in terms of someone we love passing away. It can be the loss of a relationship, friendship or dream. Loss and the subsequent grief are apart of the human journey.

The heart chakra that has not recovered or grown calloused from these experiences can present itself as untrustworthy of others, closed off or too clingy. It can be difficult, but it is so important to let others support us in those moments of grief and continue to open our hearts up to new relationships, concepts and wonder. After a loss, it can be tempting to close ourselves down and not allow hurt to enter into our hearts again. But, we also close ourselves off to new beginnings, connections and experiences.

I was so very fortunate to have a strong support system after losing my father to a homicide. His death was sudden and unexpected. There was nothing in place for a funeral and I had to figure out a whole mess of things, quickly. But, I did not have to do it alone. I had family and close friends that rallied around me for support. I had people step up and take care of things without being asked. I had friends, co-workers and people I had not even been in contact with recently, send support, love and even money to help me bury my dad.

I will never ever forget that.

I lost my dad in an awful manner and I could have easily fell down a hole of hate and anger. But, humanity did not let me. They made it impossible to focus on the ugliness because they kept showing up with beauty.

Ed lost his dad this past week. He is now facing his own journey of grief and loss and I just hope I can show him the love and support he deserves. I took this picture at the coffee shop we met up at a few days after his dad passed, to start planning his funeral. We sat and cried. We talked about my dad. We talked about his dad. We allowed one another to grieve and be supported.

I think it was no accident that I ordered a matcha latte and the barista served it with a heart swirl. Green is the color associated with the heart chakra and this picture will now serve as a reminder to always love and allow myself to love.

heart chakra

Music Monday: The High School Edition

The past week was tough.

I work as a high school counselor, and our school lost one of our students in a car accident, during the middle of the week.

This is any educators worst nightmare. Working with kids, you grow to love them as your own and cannot even begin to process losing one of them, so soon. I also acknowledge, that no matter how difficult this may be for our staff, it is nothing compared to what her family is going through.

I did non-stop crisis counseling for two days and felt spent by the time my weekend arrived.

I needed support to get me through, so I called on my Spiritual Sister. I text Ed and asked him for prayer throughout the week. He text me to check on me throughout the day and let me vent when I needed.

One of the positive things to come out of such a negative event was seeing how the students rose up to support one another and begin to move each other through the healing process. It was absolutely gut wrenching to see them experiencing such a deep loss, so early in their lives, but it was beautiful to see them support one another through it all.

In one of the most tight knit classes, one of the student’s friends asked if they could watch High School Musical, because it was one of her favorite movies. It was a very sweet way to honor her and even though the movie is a little cheesy and silly, it was exactly what the kids (and even myself) needed after days of shock, tears, anger and heavy, deep grief.

This song reminds me that even in those insane situations that life throws at us, it is possible to get through them, if you have the right support system. I was able to witness that this week along with my Spiritual Sister and I was fortunate enough to see it with the younger generation.

I have often wished that life could just transpire as neatly and bubbly as a Disney movie does and that all problems can simply be sung away. Although that wish may not always come true, as I prepare for this Monday and whatever this week may through at me, there is comfort in knowing that we really are all in this together.

In love and sisterhood,