Music Monday: The Intentions Version

One of my intentions this year is to tell the universe what I want; to begin speaking my desires and not be ashamed, embarrassed or scared to put it out there and get support in making it happen.

Last week was my first week back at work, after a glorious two weeks off. It took some time to get adjusted back to my routine and I was immediately hit with some work negativity. On my second day back, I was annoyed, frustrated and not looking forward to my job. I really hate feeling that way. I want to have joy in all I do and let compassion and love flow out to all I come in contact with each day.

I have a thirty minute commute to my job and there is a lot of spiritual work that occurs in that time. I have used that time to pray, chant, state intentions, repeat mantras, sing, rap, cry and talk to myself. Fellow drivers must think I am nuts.

I used my drive to work that day, to air my grievances. I told God, the universe, Stevie Nicks, anyone who would listen  aloud what was bothering me. I did not filter myself and I let it ALL out. Then, I talked through re-framing those situations and finding gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow.

I did feel silly talking to myself, but I also felt incredibly relieved and ready to meet my tasks for the day with joy.

I am going to stop pretending that things are OK all the time. When I need to call on my guides to help me, I will.

Sometimes, you just have to say it.

Intentions for 2015

We sat down last week with our journals, colored pens and some margaritas, to discuss our goals and intentions for 2015.


…and, since one day of eating and dreaming was apparently not enough, we decided to add another.


We talked about some of our goals, desires and hopes for the year. We talked about what we wanted to leave behind in 2014 and what we wanted to cultivate in 2015.

We thought we would share some of our personal individual intentions and our shared ones. We will be expounding on these thoughts throughout the year and sharing how they are blossoming into realities. This space will hold us accountable and remind us of the fresh excitement we currently feel going into this new year.


One of my intentions this year is to let the universe know what I want. I am going to intend to be more confident about sharing my goals and desires and share them with others. Often, I feel embarrassed or afraid to talk about my goals, dreams and intentions. What if they sound stupid? What if they never ever happen? Although those fears are still a reality, I want to start addressing them by speaking up about them with those that I trust.

I would also like to intend to make sure that I am doing everything that I personally can to make those desires a reality. If I am going to ask the universe for something, am I putting my best effort into making it a reality or am I just waiting for it to fall on my lap?

I especially want to apply this in the realms of my career, my yoga and self-care. I feel changes and growth coming in all of those areas and I feel nervous even typing that, but I am putting it out there to let everyone know these are areas I need to improve upon.


My intentions for the coming year are to grow spiritually not only in my relationship with the Creator but allowing it to influence all areas of my life. As Angelina and I sat making our list, we talked about spirituality not only being about a deity but a way of life.  I’d like it to influence my eating habits, recreational time and work life.

One thing I was reminded of during my injury was that the body already knows how to take care of itself.  I don’t need to do anything except relax and allow it to take over; one thing I do need to do is respect it as its own entity and treat it with respect.  The best way I can start doing that is by slowly changing what I put into it.  Angelina has been very influential in the last couple of days as she has been doing a lot of reading about diet and how it influences some of our bodies reactions.

I’m not going to start the new year in a rush to start all these new ideas on day one; instead, all I’m going to do is speak the intention out loud and allow the universe to respond – as it always does.

Ang & Ed

While talking this all out, we discovered that our sister brains were connected and we have some shared intentions. We will exploring these ideas a little deeper in future posts, but some of them are:

  • Get over ourselves! Realize we are not the ones who need to fix everyone else’s problems all the time and sometimes offering the best type of help by letting them discover their path on their own.
  • Be realistic with what we can and cannot do.
  • Turn our guilt into gratitude.
  • Realizing we have not “arrived” yet and continue on our journey, not forcing a destination upon ourselves.

Spiritual Bahanas

And, finally our intention for our blog for this year is to cultivate a community. We have realized how incredibly important sisterhood is in our journey. We have been a great support system for one another and want to extend that love out to all of our readers. We hope to do that by sharing more about our own selves, feeling safe to be vulnerable about our journeys and invite you to do the same. We extend that invitation to you to connect through the comments section or by email.

We have a few plans in the works to interact more with our readers and will hopefully have a new site design to unveil soon and were also talking about some potential guest bloggers.

We truly hope you enjoyed reading about our intentions and goals for the year. Please share your hopes for this year with us in the comments!

In love & sisterhood,

~Ang & Ed

2015 Intentions