What’s New at Spiritual Bahana

Hi Friends!

We would like to officially unveil our new design! We are so excited and pleased with the cleaner look and super fun feel. We truly hope our readers love it and are open to any feedback.

We also want to let you know where to find us on social media. We hope you follow up on  Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We would love to connect more with our readers and hear your thoughts!

Check out our new About section which we hope gives you a nice introduction and overview of what our site is about and what you can expect here. The pictures in our About section where taken by Ang’s sister, Marcella (check out her site here or follow her on Instagram).

We have some field trips planned in the future that we hope to share with you and some guest blog posts in the works. We are excited about what’s coming and hope you check back frequently to connect.

In love & sisterhood,

Ang & Ed

Welcome to The Sisterhood

Welcome to Spiritual Bahanas (Spiritual Sisters), a place where two sisters share their journey of exploration in their spirituality.

I am Angelina, one half of this sisterhood. I also blog at Angie Eats Peace, but have teamed up with my spiritual sister to create this space of exploration and curiosity.

My spiritual journey has evolved and shifted throughout my 30 years on this earth, as I am sure many of others have. I have found that it is not something that is often openly talked about. Fear, doubts, curiosities, or perceived flaws in your own beliefs are not always welcome by those who share your beliefs. We wanted to create a space where that could be explored and safely discussed.

I was raised going to a non-denominational Christian church (consistently, 3 times per week) and stopped attending when I was 18. At the time, I thought I was done with God and the church. I had my struggles as I got older and older with some of the attitudes and teachings I was experiencing, and that finally came to a head when I was officially an adult and able to make the decision to no longer attend.

However, as I felt out adulthood more and more, I realized that there would also be a spiritual side to me that did have faith, beliefs, values and ethics. In the past 4 years, I have been exploring what that now means for me and where that road may take me.

I am at the point in my life where I am OK to not have all the answers, but there is a few things I have learned along the way. Along this path, I have not found many who are comfortable talking about questioning beliefs or exploring new ones, but I have found one particular person to connect with and explore alongside me.

My spiritual sister and I were born to different parents (but incidentally with the same last name, which I guess for our ethnicity, is not all that uncommon), but found each other at a pivotal time in our adulthoods. We have been by each other sides as life has taken unexpected twists and turns and we have talked about how our beliefs have changed and evolved within those events.

You are welcome here to explore alongside with us on this journey. Please join us on this spiritual path as we continue to learn, grow and explore as sisters.

In love and sisterhood,




“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” Eckhart Tolle

I’m Ed, the other half of the sisterhood.  When I graduated college and successfully completed a masters in Education, I waited for Samadhi to arrive.  By my mid thirties, after all successful attempts at living the American Dream had failed, I found myself in a familiar space I had often experienced in the past: paralyzing fear.  It was through that fear I started to explore my faith in God again, and at the same time, challenging all the worldly structures I had a hand in creating.  As a gay thirty-something year old male, I could no longer practice a faith which excluded parts of me; parts that were important in finding wholeness.  That’s when I decided to start seeking the Creator on my own terms.

I’ve blogged about the last twenty years of life and all the lessons I’ve learned along with way in The Details of My Spiritual Journey.  I was inspired by my friend and sister Angelina after she started her own blog Angie Eats Peace.  As my blog started to evolve, Angelina and I found we had many life lessons in common; and after The Great Spin Out of 2014, our spiritual sisterhood began.

My hope is to find oneness with everyone who encounters our blog.