Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: The Imitation Game

Although I saw The Imitation Game awhile ago, I wanted to write about it because of the secondary plot that involved the main character Alan Turing.

The Imitation Game is a period movie set during WWII.  It’s mostly about boring math stuff and cracking codes but the homosexual sub plot was by far the most interesting.  From the beginning, Alan Turing, the main character, goes back in forth in time all while remembering his days in boarding school.  Throughout his early years, he had one special friend that he loved to hang out with; both boys were inseparable.  Then one day, the evil headmaster starts to suspect there’s more going on than friendship.  As the movie progresses, we find the two friends trading notes written in secret code – a code that only the two of them can understand.

Passing notes and secret codes?! FUN!

When Alan grows into a man, he’s sensitive with a low self image of himself.  His body posture gives away his own personal view of self worth.  I always find it fascinating when there are influential men and women from the past who have gay tendencies which are never talked about.  Maybe if Alan were alive today, his self worth would have led to a man who stood up confidently with a proud gait.

The Imitation Game is worth the rent!

Oh BTW – Cumberbatch.  I love saying his last name.

Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Diary Of A Teen Age Girl

I have so much to say about this week’s choice for Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday but if I were to choose one word to describe the whole experience, I’d have to say it’s: uncomfortable.

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that I thought this would be a fitting movie for Spiritual Bahana since the voice is from a female perspective and about sexuality. What convinced me to go see it was the line at the end of the movie trailer: this is for all the girls when they have grown.  This lead me to believe it was going to be an innocent reflection on teenage sexuality from an older woman’s perspective.


There was nothing innocent about this movie.  With the small cast made up of well known actors such Kristin Wig and Alexander Skarsgard, I figured it would be emotionally dramatic and well presented.  Instead what I experienced was a movie that felt very much like barely legal kitty porn.  The movie’s main character, played by twenty – three year old actress Bel Powley, is a junior in high school who enjoys having sex.  But she enjoys having sex with her mother’s thirty something year old boyfriend.

I knew going into this movie that there’d be some controversial topics such as female sexuality and teen sex, but I didn’t expect to see it played out on screen. At one point, I wish I had bought a sign with the words: I’m gay I promise! because it felt really uncomfortable being a male in that theater.

The only scene I can stand by is when Minnie, the teen age girl, tries to find comfort from her mother only to find that she’s getting high with her friends and boyfriend.  It reminded me of when I realized that some parents – although adults – still act like teenagers themselves.

But that’s about it.

For this week’s La La movie…big thumbs down!




Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Two Days and One Night

I didn’t get a chance to view any new independent movies over the weekend so I’m going to recycle a past Hair In a Bun movie post which qualifies as an entry for this post.

Hair in a bun Friday has always been about tying our hair in a loosely fitted bun, after a long work week, with what ever energy you have left, in order to make it to Friday.  Over the weekend, I found out our sisters across the pond share the same belief.

Last Saturday, while on a kinda – date, I saw the movie Two Days and One Night starring Oscar nominated actress Marion Cotillard.  This is a small art house movie that didn’t get much theater attention until Marion was nominated for the role; unfortunately it’s still hard to find outside of major cities.

I. LOVED. THIS. MOVIE.  It had drama, French sub-titles and fashion all rolled into one. The plot is about a women who has been out of work for four weeks due to depression. In her absence, the company she works for realizes they can get the same amount of work done without her, and as a result, all fifteen employees get a raise.  In order to get her position back, she must visit each employee over the course of the weekend and ask them to give up their raise so she can work again

This movie is an emotional journey filled with vulnerability, breakdowns and tears. There are moments when the character has to excuse herself from a conversations so that she can burst out into tears.

I completely get it.

The best part of the movie was Marion’s simple fashion; although she was a women on the verge of multiple breakdowns, she tied her hair up in a bun and forged ahead to save her livelihood.  I related to the character in many ways:

There have been moments where I need to go into the bathroom in order to give myself a pep talk.

There have been moments when I’ve been in the restroom telling myself, “you mustn’t cry.”

...moments when I stare blankly outside an open window.

…moments when I stare blankly outside an open window.

...moments when work has been way too much.

…moments when work has been way too much.

...moments while driving and a good song comes on.

…moments when a good song helps me forget my problems.

Throughout most of the movie, Marion rocks a simple pink wife beater and over sized purse.  I’m not sure what the contents inside the bag are but I believe it had something to do with her problems.


This movie is not for everyone; if you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a depression or a period in life where nothing makes sense it’s worth seeing.



Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Samsara

This Friday’s Indie Pendee La La movie embodies the whole reason why I decided to include the words La La in my weekly post.

Let me start off with the title first – Samsara – which means: the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.


My interpretation of the movie is that it’s a visual representation of life from birth to death and everything in between.  It takes the viewer on a journey of over twenty – five countries around the world and gives us a glimpse of God’s human creation.

Spiritually, it reminds me of how small I am in the grand scheme of life.  It also helps me to visualize who God is – all of us.  His creation doing what it does best – being human.

Here’s a super fun clip of a thousand hand Guan Yin:

…and the trailer.

Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Dior and I

After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world. ~ Christian Dior

On Wednesday’s post, I wrote about Liz Gilbert’s podcast and new upcoming book on creativity.  Personally, the subject of creativity keeps popping up in random places which I take as the universe’s way of letting me know it’s time to stop and reflect.  This week as I travel to and from work, I’ve been listening to Neale Donald Walsch’s audio book Conversations With God and it emphasizes our co-creative partnership with the divine.  Everything we do and believe is created by us – we are the ultimate creators of our own reality.

So keeping in line with the great responsibility we’ve been given, I chose Dior and I as my independent movie of the week.  First of all I’d like to say: I HEART THE FASHION WORLD; it’s beautiful, worldly, eccentric, over the top, bitchy but most of all FUN!

And if Lucy and Ethel “scooped the fashion world” – I have to scoop the fashion world.

Lucy and Ethel 2 Lucy and EthelIn Dior and I, Raf Simons has been given eight weeks to create a new collection of women’s clothing that align themselves with the Dior tradition.   It’s a fun little movie that I rented on iTunes over the weekend while locked up in my room as I starved away the flu . There isn’t much else to say about it except that it reminded me of an extended episode of Project Runway.  The clothes are beautiful and the gays are bitchy!

Here are some of the clothes from the documentary:

Dior and I 4 Dior and I 5 dior and I Dior and I2 Dior and I3

…and I’m loving the zombie model at the beginning of the trailer.  Byyyyyyyye!

Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Amy

Over the summer break, on a typical Saturday night with absolutely nothing to do, I ventured out into Claremont CA and caught the limited release documentary entitled Amy. It’s a fun little movie that captures the life and times of the late rock singer Amy Winehouse. Although I was never an Amy superfan, I’m fascinated by celebrities who experience public meltdowns and as we all remember, Amy does not disappoint.

Insecurities As Spiritual

Amy had a lot of insecurities even though her voice was amazing. I’m starting to believe more and more that God purposely made us this way so we’d always have a reason to search for her.  But many times, we end up relieving our human misery with sex, drugs and rock -n- roll.

I learned a lot about the private life of Amy while watching the movie.  For instance, I thought her mega hit Rehab was her debut single as an artist; I didn’t know she was already a well known singer in England.  She also suffered from bulimia long before she became famous. I believe the movie did a great job in displaying both sides of the late singer’s personal triumphs as well as her dark side.  It doesn’t stay on one topic too long but gives enough information to satisfy any gossip monger like myself.

If you loved Amy and her songs, or love tragic stories, this movie is a must see.