Chasing Out El Diablo: Part 2

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.  Charles R. Swindoll

After one week of budgeting, there’s really nothing to it – I just don’t go out.  Now that I have that down, I can start forming new habits around my new found freedom.   There was a time when it was really important to cultivate a false lifestyle; I wanted people to know that I made money.  Maybe what I should be doing now is getting used to the me that has finally evolved! Those outside voices – the media, friends, culture – that once had the power to dictate how I should be living no longer have a strong influence. When I think of this new life in those terms, it inspires me to downsize this life even more.

Today, life is different.  After recently ending a three year relationship, I’m not really interested in settling down any time soon.  I’ve also made peace with the fact that my job requires a lot of attention and as a result I’m not interested in too much responsibility outside of it – and that’s okay.  As for friends?  In the past, I’ve had so many superficial relationships built on image and status; as the saying goes, I can count all my friends on one hand.

Sooo, I’m praying that with all this new knowledge I’ll find myself more financially secure.   


Week 1 is down. I kicked off my detox with a 3 day juice cleanse. Day 1 was a breeze and appreciated. Day 2 was the toughest day to get through. I was psychologically craving food during stressful times and when others were eating. Day 3, I felt lighter and incredibly energetic!


Through my own chasing out of the devil, being aware of the thoughts that lead to the patterns that leads to bad habits has been enlightening. I notice that I want to resort back to old, unhealthy habits most during moments of stress or exhaustion.

I spent the whole weekend working at a Camp with my students. It was a wonderful, but tiring experience. I came home Sunday night and ate a healthy dinner, but thought about how much I would love a glass of wine. I was talking myself into it, saying in my head “you have worked hard all weekend, you deserve it.”

Fortunately, the next thought went something like, “you are only feeling this way because you are worn down and tired. You do not need a treat, you need some sleep.”

I ignored the bottles of wine in their rack in my kitchen, took a nice shower, diffused some essential oils and went to sleep early. I woke up feeling much more rested and proud.

I hope to continue to monitor, notice and analyze those type of thoughts and hopefully, set new patterns.