About Spiritual Bahana


Ang & Ed are two friends turned sisters, who found they shared a similar experience with religion turned to spirituality. They both grew up in religious homes (you can read their Religious Roots series here), but have taken a different path in the past few years. They started this blog as a way of sharing and exploring that journey and an attempt to connect with others who are also exploring and learning. Ang writes all the Music Monday posts and Ed writes all Hair in the Bun Friday posts. They both contribute to all other posts.

Sisterhood is an important part of that journey. Ang & Ed rely on their connection to help them down this crazy path of life and invite you to join them. We welcome you, wherever you are at in your spiritual journey or geographical location. Maybe you are reading this right after church, or after crying on the bathroom floor. Maybe you are questioning your beliefs or maybe you just finished day drinking. Wherever you have come from, we may have been there too, or can at least help support you through your journey.

Please join the conversation and cultivate the community of sisterhood. You are invited to connect through comments on posts, by email, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.

In love & sisterhood,

~Ang & Ed

A little about Ang

I also blog at Angie Eats Peace, where I share about my vegan, yogini, book reading, bulldog walking adventures. I am a high school counselor and yoga teacher who is committed to facilitating the loving power of healing. I love drinking fresh vegetable juice, playing with essential oils, forming connections with others and dancing to Michael Jackson.

A little about Ed

I started my religious experience as a baptized Catholic; I went to church every Sunday and received all the sacraments; I even spent two years in a Catholic seminary preparing for what I thought was my life’s calling – the priesthood.  In an ironic twist of fate, I found in the seminary exactly what I was running away from – homosexuality.  After I became involved with another seminarian, I knew the priesthood wasn’t for me.

After I accepted myself, the lifestyle and completed my graduate degrees, I thought I had life all figured out.  All that was left was to buy a house, a car, and travel extensively but God had other plans.  I’ve blogged about my life experiences over the past twenty years here on The Details of My Spiritual Journey.

For me, the Spiritual Bahana blog is about life post worldly aspirations.  I have a blessed life; I was born in a time of peace – at least in my neck of the woods – prosperity and the opportunity to live in a country that allows me to express my human capacity.  Along with my Spiritual Bahana, Angelina, we explore life after the American Dream has been fulfilled.


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