Create Your Own Religion Wednesday

Over the weekend, I gathered together with other Spiritual Bahanas to learn about the sacredness of art and the Chakras.  It was another great opportunity to practice my own religion. As I sat and listened to others as they shared their own personal journeys, I was reminded of how we all process life differently but yet are all one.  It was a peaceful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Maria, our host, put together a fun filled event.  After Angelina taught us about the Chakras we ate and then painted.  Maria brought out her own creations to inspire us before we hit the canvas.  I took plenty of pictures.

IMG_2215 IMG_2214 IMG_2213 IMG_2212 IMG_2211 IMG_2217

Her art gave me an opportunity to experience pure joy.  I ADORE her paintings and allowed myself to sit and experience the feeling for a while.

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much I did.



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