Create Your Own Religion Wednesdays

A couple of days ago, Angelina and I were engaging in a long text conversation about spiritual practices.  While Angelina does Yoga and meditation to fulfill her spiritual needs I continue on with my Catholic traditions.  As I move forward and expand my fascination with the divine (and at times obsession with it) I’ve felt the urge to change my daily routines a bit.  As I was mulling over the idea of giving up on them all together, I thought – that would be too easy.

I guess my petition was heard; I came across this book which I am currently listening to on the way to work.

A Religion of One OwnI felt an instant connection with the author who at one time considered becoming a Catholic monk but left instead to create a religion of his own.

The central idea of the book concentrates on expressing ones own way of finding God. Personally, I felt this was another way of saying “stay present” in all situations.

So in order to put the suggestions of the book to good use, I decided to stop and get out of my car on a busy highway and find my own religion.  Every morning before work, I ride upon a road filled with industrial buildings and unincorporated housing which no longer serve their purpose but house wooden pallets instead.

Nestled between the smell of fuel and the buzzing sounds of super charged electrical posts lays a beautiful jasmine bush in full bloom.  It’s not a small bush by any means but a tendrilled monster that has taken over an entire fence.  The white petals stretch far and white nearly covering the green leaves that birthed them.  Every morning as I whizzed by was another opportunity lost to lose myself in their gentle aroma.

Over the weekend, I paid homage to the new out door chapel created by nature herself.

Please enjoy a part of my new religion.



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