Mantra Monday: “Write A New Story”

I have been working my way through Rock Your Bliss’ 7 Weeks to Bliss program. It’s a coaching program led by two dynamic ladies (Mary Beth La Rue & Jacki Carr) who lead you through activities and work on the chakra system. They are leading the program again this summer and I would highly recommend it! You can sign up by clicking here.

This week’s topic is “SEE.” This relates to the 6th third eye chakra and our lens to the outside world. We are being challenged to catch our habitual thoughts (or “stories”) and work on not being so attached to them. On our weekly call with Mary Beth & Jacki, we were encouraged to take note of what our stories are and analyze if they are truly serving us.

We constantly create “stories” for ourselves. We have a vision of who we are, what we do and why we do it. We may even have stories for other people, situations and places.

I have been catching myself doing this, a lot. I noticed there are times when I won’t speak up about something because I already created the conversation and response in my head and figure there is no point. I don’t give myself the space to speak up and I don’t give the other person the opportunity to hear me, respond or understand my viewpoint.

I have been thinking about how powerful the words “I AM” are and how everything that comes after them creates my reality.

Some of my most common stories are “I AM too busy,” “I AM overwhelmed” or “I AM out of time.” These stories cause me to feel overwhelmed, rushed, panicked, frustrated and completely thrown off if something unexpected comes up. I realized by living in these stories, I set myself up for constantly feeling like a failure, as though what I did accomplish that day was not enough.

I decided to write a new story. I am trying to catch myself when I begin to recite some of those stories above and replace them with “I AM enough.” I do not need to accomplish everything on my to-do list (now being called my “get to-do list” as another bliss crafter suggested on the call) and in fact, I need to stop making it so unrealistically ambitious. I am not defined by how many boxes I get to check or how tired I am at the end of the day.

I encourage you to take note of what stories you are creating for yourself and give you the permission to write a new one. What are some of your habitual thoughts?

write a new story

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