Figure It Out Fridays

Last week, while at work, a coworker and I were talking about her current living situation. She’d been cohabiting for the last eleven years and was asked to look for a new place to live. The man who owned the home was her boyfriend and he was no longer interested in a relationship.  Unfortunately, she also found out later that he was seeing someone new.

She was and still remains devastated.

As we walked the school track together, all while trying to keep the middle school kids motivated, I was thinking how much motivation my coworker friend would need in order to continue on the road to heartbreak.  Not only was she asked to move out of her comfort zone, she’ll also have to relearn how to be alone and get use to a new living space.  That’s a lot of feelings and emotions for one person to process.

It took me two years.

Life’s journey can sometimes resemble a well choreographed Britney move (on loop) as everything moves forward smoothly.


Other times, life can pull you back two steps by the weave you came confidently walking in with (on loop as well):

As my friend and I finished our three lap tour around the track, I remembered how long it took me to get over the person I thought I was in love with.

After almost a decade of having recovered from the man who broke my heart, I eventually figured it out.  I figured out that what I felt for this guy wasn’t really love but obsession.  I figured out that if I acted as if I was the only one who ever suffered from a broken heart, I’d remain that way.  I had to do a lot of inner spiritual work in order to get past the hardship I was enduring.

Over the next several Fridays, I’d like to blog about the layers of life I’ve finally peeled away and eventually healed from.  It’ll be a time of reflection and I hope new insight into the lessons of life that can sometimes hurt like a son – of – a – bitch.





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