Field Trip – Iyanla Vanzant at Agape International Spiritual Center

Iyanla Vanzant is one of my favorite spiritual teachers. Her words and lessons resound in my soul. I respect her life experiences, honesty and transparency. I have learned from her struggle, her lessons just make sense to me. I have been working through her Forgiveness book and am discovering the freedom that comes from forgiving myself.


When Ed text me that Iyanla was going to be speaking at Agape International Spiritual Center, I screamed. We immediately bought tickets and counted down the days to see her speak in person.

25320650386_978cd1f39f_o Iyanla’s new book is entitled Trust and discusses learning how to trust yourself, God, others and life. In her lecture, Iyanla discusses how important it is to do the forgiveness work before delving into trust. I am going to start this book after I finish working my way through the forgiveness book.

TRUSTOne of my favorite quotes of the evening was “forgiveness is a healing technology, it changes your cells and DNA.” I believe that unforgiveness can permeate cells and cause sickness, I feel that it’s something that show on someone’s face and in their demeanor. The idea of forgiving being a healing technology felt like an AHA moment and made sense regarding how it can show on in someone’s appearance.

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Another AHA that stood out from the lecture was Iyanla discussing how most of us are talked out of trusting ourselves at some point in our lives. Typically, it’s when we are children and our natural curiosities or intuition are shut down by someone who thinks they know better. Iyanla also discussed how if we cannot trust ourself, it makes it difficult to trust God, others and life.

Iyanla signed our books and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I told her I was working through forgiveness and she reminded me again to do that work before starting trust. She had a beautiful energy that touched my soul.


I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lived it and I’m still here to talk about it and help someone else if I can. Iyanla Vanzant

When Iyanla announced that her new book Trust  was about to come out, Angelina and I went on high alert for possible book signings.  I joined the Barnes and Noble events page located in Los Angeles believing that would be her first stop. So when we found out The Agape Spiritual Center in L.A was hosting the author on a Saturday night, we were ecstatic; we planned a whole night around it.

IMG_1406The evening started out with a welcome prayer and blessing for the divinely inspired and heavenly dressed speaker.  Afterward, Iyanla spent the first five minutes of her lecture in gratitude. She thanked and spoke on how humbled she was that everyone came to hear her speak.

Her presentation centered mostly on the issue of trust.  She shared many stories and solutions on how to create an inner space that’s free of personal resentment and past hurts.  The biggest take away from the evening was when she suggested, “get to know God internally rather than externally; that way you learn to trust yourself.”

One of the ingrained habits religion has taught me was to always look externally for God.  In the past I always asked myself: how can I serve others?  It can be a bit confusing and draining when fear and codependency become part of the purpose for serving.  For myself, I’m learning that I can’t help anyone unless I’ve helped myself first.  I can’t show someone how to become a better version of themselves unless I’ve done the work myself.

The evening ended with a book signing and even though it was late, Iyanla stayed until way past eleven to personally sign each book.  She has definitely done the work to remain humble.

IMG_1476 (1)
IMG_1472 (1)


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