Mantra Monday: “I Manifest My Vision”

The third eye chakra is located at the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows. It is associated with intuition, wisdom and higher knowledge. If the third chakra is off balance, illusions, anxiety and over-thinking can occur. This can manifest itself physically through vision problems and headaches.

This is my most out of control chakra. My throat chakra is the one that is naturally most closed and I have done so much work in opening. My third eye chakra is often far too open and I need to ground it back down.

I have been studying Anodea Judith’s book Eastern Body Western Mind over the past year, to slowly digest and understand the chakras. I definitely recommend this book if the chakras are of interest to you and you want more information. The thought of “illusions” felt a bit esoteric to me and I did not see how I was experiencing them in my own life. However, Judith describes illusions as the “SHOULDS” we tie to our egos. I should myself to death. I obsess, stress and become anxious of what I think I should be doing, who I think I should be or how I think I should look or act. It’s no wonder I have both vision problems and migraines.

I have also realized and prided myself in being a great judge of character, perceptive and intuitive and possessing a great degree of empathy. My impressions are generally spot on and I have a natural thirst for higher knowledge.

My third eye chakra is strong, but sometimes too strong. I need to work on grounding it down, and balancing it through meditation.

This chakra is about manifesting your visions, it’s about shifting your intuition and wisdom into action to meet goals and achieve unlimited potential. Judith discusses the notion of vision in her book by asking the readers to think about the information they take in visually. If we are seeking to manifest a certain vision, what are we feeding ourselves visually? This has been great for me to reflect upon as I think about who and how much I look at social media or choose to focus/obsess upon.

I chose eagle pose (garudasana) to work on my third eye chakra. The foot that is connected to the earth needs to be firmly planted and rooted. The legs and the arms are intertwined with their opposite limb. The breath must be flowing consciously and freely to maintain balance. The hips are sinking back, but the arms and crown of the head are lifting up. There is both the sense of grounding down and lifting up. So much focus goes into staying balanced in this pose and when my focus is on my breath and body, it isn’t on whatever petty thing it was obsessing on before I came into my practice.

If I can breath while literally being all twisted up in this pose on my yoga mat, can I do the same thing when I am off my yoga mat?

third eye

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