Fun with Make-Up

I love make-up. I have an unbalanced relationship with make-up.

I am working on it.

There have been times in my life where I wore tons of make-up. I explored why in this post and realized I was trying to cover up my insecurities and self-doubts. I would spend more time painting my face than exploring my heart and doing the work that made me feel OK with or without my make-up.

Then there came a point where I threw out all my MAC make-up because it was tested on animals and I started all over again. For about a year, I wore pretty minimal make-up and spent a lot more time working on my inner beauty.


I am slowly re-building my make-up collection with some great cruelty-free brands (Too Faced and Kat Von D being my new favorites) and having fun with different looks. I have been reminded how fun make-up can be for me, but I still remind myself that I should not be skipping my morning meditations to have time to contour. This may have happened last week.

Here have been some of my favorite new looks:


Just kidding. That was me after hot yoga. That class made feel pretty amazing though.

24320203232_e648bd8f72_o 24060673479_dc0d33916b_o

Too Faced’s Cocoa Contour is featured here, as well as their eyeshadow and blush from Le Grand Palais palette. I love how the blush in the palette gives a natural glow and there is just enough color pop for added FUN!

24346014511_53e20187d9_o 24132863700_f2f331b005_o

This is my chola look and inspired by Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Vampire. This look says, I am educated but still down for shit.

24428474025_af3789f488_o 23800279234_00c5bd669e_o

This look features Obsessive Compulsive’s Cosmetic’s stained gloss in Hedonist. I wore all black to a wedding but made up for it with a colorful face. My message was, I hate weddings but that’s no excuse not to look amazing.

I will keep seeking a balanced relationship with make-up, but still keep the process fun and versatile.


5 thoughts on “Fun with Make-Up

  1. Great post! I went through a time of not really wearing makeup or trying to keep it to just a bit of mascara. I thought this was best for me but after a few months I have returned and had forgotten how much I loved it! xxx


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