Ain’t Nobody Gonna Tell Me I’m Not An Animal

As I continue my exploration of the seven chakras, I’d like to reflect on the hazards of religion and the Sacral chakra; also known as the second chakra.

First of all, I believe having a religion or a belief system is important in the formative years of life.  One thing religion has always done is given me a structure and a sense of security when life becomes too much.  But there’s one aspect of religion I’m a little skeptical of and that’s heaven.  I use to believe in it; but when I realized how it played into my ego by cataloging and charting all my good deeds, I started to question the concept.

One of the tenants of religion is to deny the body.  The body and its desires are not to be trusted and can only lead to sin and ultimately eternal damnation.  Where is the natural human tendency of making mistakes, learning from them and doing better next time?  Many of the great saints purged their bodies by inflicting pain on themselves in order to purify their mental as well as physical state of natural sin.  I see this action as a way of getting rid of the problem all together rather than embracing the process of being a flawed human.

Girl World and Embracing Animal Instincts

As I release the old religious thought that has held me in bondage for such a long time, I’m replacing those old thought patterns with new ideas from the pagan world.  One of the best worldly examples I can relate to is a clip from Mean Girls:

Human beings are animals.  The Sacral chakra is all about tending to the natural animal instinct that is embedded in human DNA.  I don’t care what argument I hear to the contrary, if you hang out in a zoo long enough – especially during feeding time – there are a lot of similarities between the trough and the food court at any local mall.  I’ve been learning to embrace the animal side rather than subdue it and act like it isn’t there.

I’m learning about personal responsibility and the regular habit of checking in with myself if I ever feel out of balance; if I’m feeling too power hungry or manipulative I know it’s time to step back.  On the flip side, if I’m wallowing in guilt, overly concerned about what people think or feeling lost, than I know my sacral is under active.

It all goes back to what I wrote about earlier: reality starts from inside and what ever is going on inside of me will get projected onto the outside world.  As of right now, I feel like Chaka Khan and I’m singing to the world – ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to feel.

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