Through the Fire With the Root Chakra

Over the next couple of Fridays, I’ll be reviewing the seven chakras and how they relate and give insight into my own personal life.

What I love about studying the chakras are all the colors; but what I love most of all – are the baubles associated to each one!  It’s not really jewelry but a color or stone that represents and reminds the observer what each chakra represents.  The root chakra is red, which happens to be my favorite color, so I went crazy looking for pretty pictures on the internet:

event_122902602 Root

Studying the Chakras Requires Honesty Through Self Reflection

The Red Root

I could go on forever about this but I’m going to stop here and continue it next Friday when I review the Sacral Chakra.  Until then, I’d like to sign off with one of my all time favorite love songs by Chaka Khan: Through the Fire.  The lyrics are fitting for this area of my body.

“I know you’re afraid of what you feel
You still need time to heal”

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