The Spiritual and the Silly

A few weeks ago, Ed & I sat down with mimosas, colored pens and sparkly stickers to discuss upcoming topics on our blog. A typical business meeting.


We hope you are up for a few changes, nothing too drastic. Our focus here will still be on our spiritual journey; where our path started and how it veered off, only to find a new direction.

However, we also want to introduce you to the other part of our lives; the silly.

Ed & I want to invite you in to the personal conversations we have with one another. Sometimes, we get DEEP, but most of the time, we are downright silly and hilarious. At least, we make each other laugh.

We find ourselves quoting both the Bible and Sex and the City in the same sentence. We talk about our chakras and chardonnay. We explore Buddhism and Beyonce. Were interested in Eastern religion and the fashion that goes along with it.

We hope it’s OK with you if we start sharing some of other interests here on the blog, as we continue to explore our spirituality.

Thank-you so much for joining us in the journey.

In spirituality and silliness,


I’d been looking for some inspiration on Friday’s blog and what direction to go in but I couldn’t come up with anything interesting.  When Angelina and I held our “business” meeting the other day, I wanted to get her feedback on what I should cover but we ended up a little buzzed and unable to concentrate.

I’ve done a lot of things with Angelina that I wouldn’t have done in the past.  One of the patterns I’ve grown up with and am now trying to break is believing that I am better than everyone else.  I attribute some of that to my religious upbringing.  When a person is brought up to believe that heaven is the ultimate goal and that person happens to be a perfectionist/motivated/anal, a relationship with God ends up becoming more of a contest rather than an organic process.

So with Spiritual Bahana I’d like to explore the areas of my life that I normally keep hidden in the deep recesses of my mind.

BTW, here’s a random picture of some beautiful lamps I took hanging in the restaurant. I’ve entitled it: Small Distractions.


Peace, Ed



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