St. Bernardino – Pray For Us!

It’s very interesting – to say the least – to be on the other end of a national tragedy.  Never once did I image the sleepy town of San Bernardino California would ever make world headlines.  But it did on 12/2.

I was in the middle of organizing some paperwork when I happened to glance over at my iPhone and see a long string of text message waiting for me to clear.  One read, “I don’t know if you know, but there has been a major shooting in downtown San Bernardino.”

That’s the message that got my attention.

I have a cousin who works in downtown and for a couple of minutes I had to prepare for the worst as I was waiting for her response.  Luckily she was a couple of blocks away from where it happened.  I don’t know what I would have done if she were one of the victims or near the building when it happened.

The other day, as Angelina and I were processing what’s been going on in the news, I asked her if she felt the same presence in the air as I do?  She agreed and when I asked her what it was she said, “fear.”

Since the shootings, there has been an oppressive energy of fear in the air here in San Bernardino County.  It’s something not even the sight of Christmas decorated houses can cut through.  The spirit of peace, joy and love has been replaced by paranoia, confusion and hate.  Not only were the families and friends of those involved robbed of their cherished siblings and acquaintances, but they’ve also been denied the collective positive energy of goodwill towards man that we all feel during the holidays.

Even though our blog has somewhat on the rebellious side, it’s during these times that I’m most thankful for my church and faith.  Lately, it’s been challenging to share the sometimes burdensome responsibility of the human experience.  But when I surrender all it at the foot of the cross and cry out, “Saint Bernardino pray for us!” I feel the collective energy of so many saints who have done the same and the burden becomes lighter.

Peace, Ed


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