Ain’t Nobody Gonna Tell Me I’m Not An Animal

As I continue my exploration of the seven chakras, I’d like to reflect on the hazards of religion and the Sacral chakra; also known as the second chakra.

First of all, I believe having a religion or a belief system is important in the formative years of life.  One thing religion has always done is given me a structure and a sense of security when life becomes too much.  But there’s one aspect of religion I’m a little skeptical of and that’s heaven.  I use to believe in it; but when I realized how it played into my ego by cataloging and charting all my good deeds, I started to question the concept.

One of the tenants of religion is to deny the body.  The body and its desires are not to be trusted and can only lead to sin and ultimately eternal damnation.  Where is the natural human tendency of making mistakes, learning from them and doing better next time?  Many of the great saints purged their bodies by inflicting pain on themselves in order to purify their mental as well as physical state of natural sin.  I see this action as a way of getting rid of the problem all together rather than embracing the process of being a flawed human.

Girl World and Embracing Animal Instincts

As I release the old religious thought that has held me in bondage for such a long time, I’m replacing those old thought patterns with new ideas from the pagan world.  One of the best worldly examples I can relate to is a clip from Mean Girls:

Human beings are animals.  The Sacral chakra is all about tending to the natural animal instinct that is embedded in human DNA.  I don’t care what argument I hear to the contrary, if you hang out in a zoo long enough – especially during feeding time – there are a lot of similarities between the trough and the food court at any local mall.  I’ve been learning to embrace the animal side rather than subdue it and act like it isn’t there.

I’m learning about personal responsibility and the regular habit of checking in with myself if I ever feel out of balance; if I’m feeling too power hungry or manipulative I know it’s time to step back.  On the flip side, if I’m wallowing in guilt, overly concerned about what people think or feeling lost, than I know my sacral is under active.

It all goes back to what I wrote about earlier: reality starts from inside and what ever is going on inside of me will get projected onto the outside world.  As of right now, I feel like Chaka Khan and I’m singing to the world – ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to feel.

Music Monday: The Holiday Edition

The only thing I dislike more than Christmas is Christmas music.

I hold a special, dark place in my heart for the disdain that I hold towards everything Christmas has come to represent; guilt, obligation, consumption, greed, shopping, waste and gluttony.

And the music….well, I can see the appeal to some of traditional songs, but I detest more than anything when the latest pop star has released their holiday album with ruined versions of previous favorites.

I worked my way through college in a retail setting and was subjected to long shifts filled with certain CDs of torture set to repeat. It only increased my distaste.

But, there is one, and only one song, that I love.

The small, dark place in my heart that hates Christmas is eclipsed by a day glow bright place saved just for George Michael.

I have always loved Georgics Panayiotou. His music is simultaneously silly and brilliant. I have tried to sing “Careless Whisper” at karaoke and it only increased my respect for his talent. I completely ruined the song, in case you were wondering.

I worried about him through all the falling asleep behind the wheel and ensuing arrest madness. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when he entered rehab. I hope he emerges healthy and refreshed and will tour again. I must see him live one day.

Wham!’s “Last Christmas” depicts a holiday I could stand behind. If the holiday was truly about feathered hair mullets, laughing sweatered friends, snowball fights, sparklers on cakes and sparkling flower broaches, then maybe I would like it.

I love all the drama packed into this song. The stolen awkward glances and forlorn longing make it even better. The best part is probably seeing a man who is clearly not interested in women, pretend to be upset about losing one.

There is nothing not to love about this song, except the shameful covers by pop princess Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. When I heard those versions, I wanted to pat them on the forehead and say, that was cute, but STOP!

Please enjoy the one true version of this song and do yourself a favor by watching the whole video!

Through the Fire With the Root Chakra

Over the next couple of Fridays, I’ll be reviewing the seven chakras and how they relate and give insight into my own personal life.

What I love about studying the chakras are all the colors; but what I love most of all – are the baubles associated to each one!  It’s not really jewelry but a color or stone that represents and reminds the observer what each chakra represents.  The root chakra is red, which happens to be my favorite color, so I went crazy looking for pretty pictures on the internet:

event_122902602 Root

Studying the Chakras Requires Honesty Through Self Reflection

The Red Root

I could go on forever about this but I’m going to stop here and continue it next Friday when I review the Sacral Chakra.  Until then, I’d like to sign off with one of my all time favorite love songs by Chaka Khan: Through the Fire.  The lyrics are fitting for this area of my body.

“I know you’re afraid of what you feel
You still need time to heal”

The Spiritual and the Silly

A few weeks ago, Ed & I sat down with mimosas, colored pens and sparkly stickers to discuss upcoming topics on our blog. A typical business meeting.


We hope you are up for a few changes, nothing too drastic. Our focus here will still be on our spiritual journey; where our path started and how it veered off, only to find a new direction.

However, we also want to introduce you to the other part of our lives; the silly.

Ed & I want to invite you in to the personal conversations we have with one another. Sometimes, we get DEEP, but most of the time, we are downright silly and hilarious. At least, we make each other laugh.

We find ourselves quoting both the Bible and Sex and the City in the same sentence. We talk about our chakras and chardonnay. We explore Buddhism and Beyonce. Were interested in Eastern religion and the fashion that goes along with it.

We hope it’s OK with you if we start sharing some of other interests here on the blog, as we continue to explore our spirituality.

Thank-you so much for joining us in the journey.

In spirituality and silliness,


I’d been looking for some inspiration on Friday’s blog and what direction to go in but I couldn’t come up with anything interesting.  When Angelina and I held our “business” meeting the other day, I wanted to get her feedback on what I should cover but we ended up a little buzzed and unable to concentrate.

I’ve done a lot of things with Angelina that I wouldn’t have done in the past.  One of the patterns I’ve grown up with and am now trying to break is believing that I am better than everyone else.  I attribute some of that to my religious upbringing.  When a person is brought up to believe that heaven is the ultimate goal and that person happens to be a perfectionist/motivated/anal, a relationship with God ends up becoming more of a contest rather than an organic process.

So with Spiritual Bahana I’d like to explore the areas of my life that I normally keep hidden in the deep recesses of my mind.

BTW, here’s a random picture of some beautiful lamps I took hanging in the restaurant. I’ve entitled it: Small Distractions.


Peace, Ed



Mantra Monday-“I Am Vibrantly Healthy”

Last week I felt, well, not myself. But, I was not sick. I never am.

I remember when I was growing up, my mom would never utter the words “I am sick.” She would say she did not believe that and did not accept it. If she felt less than her best, she would start resting, drinking more water and healing herself naturally. She would start proclaiming “I Am Healed!.” I thought she was looney, but like most things I thought were looney about my mother, I am now doing the same things in my 30s.

I have a pretty strong immune system (also thanks to my mother), but I am working at a new school site this year. Middle schoolers germs seem to be effecting me more than high schoolers did and towards the end of the week, my throat was sore and body was achy. But, I was not sick. No way. I started proclaiming myself “Vibrantly Healthy” and took steps to get myself back there.

I Am Vibrantly Healthy I now understand why my mom would not resign to sickness or even utter the words. She was a single-working mother and had no time to be sick. She did not ignore her health and carry on as though things were normal, she spoke healing into her body and aligned her actions to match. I try to do the same.

I begin diffusing doTerra’s “Breathe” blend throughout my house to clear my sinuses and help my cough. I made a “wellness shot” tea my dropping doTerra’s “On-Guard” blend, lemon, ginger and oregano oil into hot water. I drank this about four times per day. It by no means tastes good, but I felt it decongesting my head and strengthening my body.

breathe wellness shot

I also made a wellness blend of the above listed oils blended with fractioned coconut oil. I rubbed this on my feet multiple times throughout the day.

wellness blend I also drank ridiculous amounts of water to continue flushing any toxins out of my body. I love my obnoxiously large water bottle that I bought from my hot yoga studio.

64 oz

I also honored that my body needed more rest. At 5:00 PM on Friday night, I sent Ed this picture of myself. I laid in bed and read, and was asleep by 7:00 that evening and 8:00 the next.

I am not sick

I feel almost completely back to myself today and alive in my vibrant health.

What are your remedies for when you feel less than your best?

Chakras, Chaka Khan and Refocusing

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reflecting on how life unfolds in its own time.  There are no rules or time limits as to when our eyes open up to the next phase of life.  Sometimes that phase has already started but we refuse to see it.

I remember reading about a couple in the book The Five Love Languages who had gone through twenty years of marriage before they realized their relationship was loveless.  As a married couple they got along very well together but their relationship was mostly business.  They related to one another as two acquaintances who were bound together through mutual associations.  It wasn’t until they read the book that their eyes were open to the possibilities of what a love relationship could be.

Recently I started reading and studying the seven Chakras and I’m finding the same to be true in my own life.  I’m just starting to open my eyes to the possibility of what life can be.

One of the first eye openers or areas of life I never thought of was my inner reality.  Whatever is happening on the inside of me is being projected onto the outside world.  Life isn’t what happens on the outside and works its way in; it’s the inside seeping out.

In the next couple of weeks, I’d like to review each of the seven chakras and how they’re changing my view of the outside world.

In the mean time, I can’t help but think of Chaka Khan when I say the word chakras.  I love her songs Feel For You and Through the Fire.  So after each post I’m going to include a video from the Every Woman herself.

Next week I’ll be starting with the root chakra:


St. Bernardino – Pray For Us!

It’s very interesting – to say the least – to be on the other end of a national tragedy.  Never once did I image the sleepy town of San Bernardino California would ever make world headlines.  But it did on 12/2.

I was in the middle of organizing some paperwork when I happened to glance over at my iPhone and see a long string of text message waiting for me to clear.  One read, “I don’t know if you know, but there has been a major shooting in downtown San Bernardino.”

That’s the message that got my attention.

I have a cousin who works in downtown and for a couple of minutes I had to prepare for the worst as I was waiting for her response.  Luckily she was a couple of blocks away from where it happened.  I don’t know what I would have done if she were one of the victims or near the building when it happened.

The other day, as Angelina and I were processing what’s been going on in the news, I asked her if she felt the same presence in the air as I do?  She agreed and when I asked her what it was she said, “fear.”

Since the shootings, there has been an oppressive energy of fear in the air here in San Bernardino County.  It’s something not even the sight of Christmas decorated houses can cut through.  The spirit of peace, joy and love has been replaced by paranoia, confusion and hate.  Not only were the families and friends of those involved robbed of their cherished siblings and acquaintances, but they’ve also been denied the collective positive energy of goodwill towards man that we all feel during the holidays.

Even though our blog has somewhat on the rebellious side, it’s during these times that I’m most thankful for my church and faith.  Lately, it’s been challenging to share the sometimes burdensome responsibility of the human experience.  But when I surrender all it at the foot of the cross and cry out, “Saint Bernardino pray for us!” I feel the collective energy of so many saints who have done the same and the burden becomes lighter.

Peace, Ed