Music Monday-The Birthday Edition

Today is my 32nd birthday. My theme for the year is INTENSITY. I posted all about intensity and my intentions for this year on my personal blog.

I wanted to capture what that meant in a song and when I think of intensity, I think of one of my energetic muses, Beyonce.

queen b This mix of her song “Flawless” never fails to get me moving and energized. I feel ready to tackle a run, intense workout or crazy workday.

I hope this song helps you through your Monday and gets you motivated. Crank it up, drink some lemon water, put on some lipstick and get going.

Although I may not always physically wake up like this, I hope in my 32nd year I can metaphorically wake up in roller skates, bright tights, super fun make up and my high side-pony tail!


Music Monday-The Shoop Edition

Music Monday really needed to make a re-appearnace this week. On Saturday, Ed gave me the best early birthday present and took me to The Freestyle Explosion Concert. He knew I would love the line-up of old school artists that reminded me of the bad ass I thought I was in high school. I put on my dark lipstick, hoop earrings and got ready to dance!


We danced down memory lane to Young MC and Rob Base. We were slightly disturbed by Tone Loc (can he please stop pretending that “Funky Cold Medina” is acceptable?!) but were extremely amused by the audience members who came on stage to dance “Wild Thing.” We sang along to Expose, The Jets and Jodi Watley.

I completely fan-girled out over Salt N Pepa! They were one of my favorite groups in high school. I loved the fact that they were female rappers talking about risqué topics that were previously unacceptable for women to talk, much less rap about!

For my theater class (which I took all four years of high school), we had a lip synching assignment. My group choose Salt N Pepa’s “Shoop” and made up a pretty funky dance to go along with it.

Ed & I rapped along because we still knew every word and danced to “Let’s Talk About Sex” and “Whatta Man.” We had a super fun time and realized some things from high school still have not changed.

cholas Tell us: what was your favorite song from high school?


Field Trip: Cheryl Strayed Lecture

It has been an amazing season for book releases and author tours! We have been fortunate enough to meet Elizabeth Gilbert and we jumped at the opportunity to meet Cheryl Strayed.

cheryl strayed

Cheryl Strayed is certainly one of our favorites. We both loved Wild and her podcast that she co-hosts with Steve Almond, Dear Sugar.

Wild holds a particularly special place in my heart. I was reading the book on the very night that my dad was shot and killed and it became an important part of the beginning of my journey into healing.

Cheryl was appearing in Pasadena on a school night! This means Ed & I are usually in bed by 8:00, but we fought traffic after work, drank some caffeine and headed over to the venue. We received copies of her new book of quotes Brave Enough and excitedly sat down to hear her speak.

brave enough

Cheryl was incredible. She has such an amazing way with words, without being pretentious. She is authentically relatable and honest.

Cheryl started off by asking the audience if anyone had a tattoo of one of her quotes and there was someone there who in fact, did. She discussed the new book of quotes and the purpose behind publishing it. She clarified that she did not do this because she feels like she has a vast amount of wisdom that must be shared, but because each of these quotes had a story behind it for her and she was starting to realize that her quotes had stories for other people. She had been getting many emails and pictures of people’s tattoos, stories and memories of what her quotes had meant to them and was realizing that they had taken on different meanings to different people.

strayed strayed

Cheryl lectured for a very short time and devoted the rest of the time to questions and answers. She answered a very wide range of questions varying from grief, advice, writing, movie making, overall-wearing and my personal favorite, sharing her favorite word (a tie between love and fuck).

After the lecture, we were able to get our books signed and meet Cheryl. She was so incredibly gracious and listened to me pour my heart out over how important Wild was in my grief process.

ang and cheryl ang and cheryl

She signed Ed’s favorite quote in the book and spent a minute or two talking with us and thanking us for coming.

ed and cheryl ed and cheryl

We certainly did not regret staying out late on a school night. It was a wonderful experience to meet Cheryl and hear her discuss so eloquently, a wide range of topics.

Hiiii, it’s Ed,

When Angelina mentioned that Cheryl Strayed’s book tour was headed to Pasadena I knew I had to go.  I’d been on a Cheryl obsession ever since last year; eating up all the information I could find on her.  I loved that her spiritual journey was unconventional and it resulted in finding the love of her life.

If Cheryl went on a journey through the Pacific Coast Trail – then I had to go on a journey through the Pacific Coast Trail.

Over the summer I was up near Oregon in search of the PCT

Over the summer I was up near Oregon in search of the PCT



When I opened Cheryl’s new book, I found the perfect quote that describes “god” for me:

I love that she personalized it!!

I love that she personalized it!!

I understand Cheryl’s point of view when it comes to the ultimate creator of the universe. She was raised in an abusive home where she witnessed the physical abuse of her father. Afterward her mother passed away from a terrible bout of cancer.  I was raised in a home where every desire of one’s heart could be answered through prayer – instead of hard work.

When I look at the human experience as a whole, sometimes I ask the Lord, “couldn’t you have made it easier for us here?” God is a creator of wonderful experiences but at the same time, it can be a ruthless bitch!


Mantra Monday: “I’ll See It When I Believe It”

Faith. The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I remember a time when I wanted to believe this. I remember a time when I absolutely, positively did NOT believe this.

I am currently at a place where I am learning how to do this. I was reminded about faith last week while completing one of my meditations from Deepak Chopra & Oprah’s meditation experience, Deepak said we need to reverse the phrase “I will believe it when I see it to.” Essentially, we will manifest our desires more when we believe it.

A few days later, another of my spiritual teachers Gabrielle Bernstein posted the same phrase on her Instagram.

faith I guess the universe felt I truly needed to be reminded of this and maybe some of you do too, as well.

In love & faith,


Mantra Monday: You Bettah Wurk

As I write this blog, on a Sunday night, Angelina is currently “dropping it low” at her sister’s wedding.

This marks the end of Angelina’s hijacked life for the last quarter of 2015.  November 1st officially marks her birthday month and everyone in her family better recognize.

I’ve decided for this Mantra Monday to use the always informative RuPaul as a our guide to better living.  In the early 90s RuPaul came out with a delicious dance song entitled Supermodel.  It’s a divas mantra for all things runway.  Many times, when life becomes too difficult, we have to escape inside our own heads in order to make our world a better place.  Many times I like to image that the only requirement of my job is to sashay down a runway in order to make my daily bread.  Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Instead, I have to continually use the mantra: Wurk…Wurk…Wurk in order for me to get my tired butt out of bed and back into the flow of the regular work week.

Hope everyone, including Angelina is able to Wurk first thing Monday morning.