Mantra Monday “I Am Not My Feelings”

I am currently participating in The Mindfulness Summit, a free, online conference that allows users access to daily speakers discussing various perspectives on mindfulness. I have learned quite a bit so far and some of my favorite topics have been mindful parenting, mindful eating and mindful business.

I had a huge “A-HA” moment on Day 12, when I heard Sam Harris speak on Spirituality Without Religion. Since that is part of almost my daily conversation with Ed and the premise for this blog, I was certainly interested in a mindful perspective of the topic.

One of the takeaways from the lecture was when Sam Harris talked about how feelings are temporary and how often we suffer because we ascribe permanent identity to our non-permanent feelings.

I do this often.

I get caught up in my anxiety, my stress and my irritability. I struggle with being an “anxious person” who does not handle stress well. However, I am learning to separate my anxious feelings from myself and merely observe them. My feelings are valid, my feelings are important. But, my feelings do not define me.

I am not my feelings

To help myself with this, I have been using the mantra “I Am Not My Feelings.” This has really been helping me remember that my suffering is a temporary state and says very little about my character, soul or future.

I hope this mantra can also help you at some point in your week, when maybe you get caught up in a temporary situation, that feels permanent.

In love and sisterhood,


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