Mantra Monday “I Will Remember to Laugh”

I just finished my 21 day chakra cleanse. I took time to study and focus on each chakra for 3 days each. I researched my chakras and read as much as I could. I tried to pair each one with essential oils, yoga poses and healing crystals and stones. I tried to be intentional and honest with myself. I felt a lot of healing took place.

While researching chakras, I found the picture below and just had to laugh. It helped me to remember that although this work is transformative and revealing, it does not have to be so serious. I cannot find who to credit for this picture, but if you know, please tell me. That person definitely deserves some props.

I Will Remember to Laugh

When I get wrapped up in something, I tend to take it too serious. Almost to the point of anxious obsession which inevitably leads to burnout. This picture was sent to me to remind me not to get so caught up in my spiritual work that I forget to laugh at myself once in a while. My work also needs to involve not taking myself so dang serious and remembering that there is also healing in flexibility, flaws and mistakes.

I am usually pretty good about finding humor in most situations. I laugh at myself pretty often, but do not always apply that to my spiritual journey. I feel as though I am being lead to find more fun and play in this area of my life.

What makes you laugh?

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