Mantra Monday-Warrior I Pose “I Honor the Power Within Me.”

I have been working through each of my chakras since completing my reiki certification, which I blogged about here. I started a 21 day chakra cleanse and take 3 days at a time to focus on each of my 7 chakras. I am on my last 7 days and 2 chakras but want to talk a bit about my experience with my solar plexus chakra and the inspiration for this week’s mantra/yoga pose.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with personal power, fortitude, will, intuition and confidence. Weakness is this area can be caused my SHAME and GUILT and lead to second guessing, indecisiveness, low self-esteem and ineffectiveness.

I have always considered this to be one of my strongest chakras and have previously felt pretty secure in this area. I consider my intuition and judgment to be on of my strong points and generally feel pretty confident about the decisions I make.

However, since starting a new job one month ago, I noticed some weakness in this area. As I still learn and get to know my new surroundings, I find myself second guessing myself and experiencing feelings of low confidence.

As I have been studying each chakra, I have been trying to incorporate various yoga poses that will help me strengthen each area and incorporate essential oils to feel more in touch with this energy center. I used lemongrass in a diffuser in my office throughout this time and let it remind me to be both sweet and strong.

I read that the Warrior poses were strengthening for the solar plexus chakra. The Warrior poses require core stability to keep the balance and strength of the posture. Warrior I both exposes and grounds the core region (where the solar plexus is located) to bring awareness and security to this area.

The mantra I used while working on this area is “I Honor the Power Within Me.” Self-doubt, questioning and second-guessing is not honoring my personal power, it is diminishing it. Last week while working on this chakra, whenever I felt insecurity creep in, I went back to the mantra, “I Honor the Power Within Me” and relied back on my instincts.

I used the picture of my step-son in Warrior I pose that I took this summer while hiking through Colorado. I love this picture. He is striking the pose over a small, wooden plank bridge over a rushing waterfall. I absolutely love how calm and confident he is, even amongst the crazy current of nature. I love his self-possesion, lack of fear and serenity. I think it perfectly embodies this mantra and will be a powerful image for me to fall back upon when feeling shaken.

I Honor the Power Within Me

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