Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: The Imitation Game

Although I saw The Imitation Game awhile ago, I wanted to write about it because of the secondary plot that involved the main character Alan Turing.

The Imitation Game is a period movie set during WWII.  It’s mostly about boring math stuff and cracking codes but the homosexual sub plot was by far the most interesting.  From the beginning, Alan Turing, the main character, goes back in forth in time all while remembering his days in boarding school.  Throughout his early years, he had one special friend that he loved to hang out with; both boys were inseparable.  Then one day, the evil headmaster starts to suspect there’s more going on than friendship.  As the movie progresses, we find the two friends trading notes written in secret code – a code that only the two of them can understand.

Passing notes and secret codes?! FUN!

When Alan grows into a man, he’s sensitive with a low self image of himself.  His body posture gives away his own personal view of self worth.  I always find it fascinating when there are influential men and women from the past who have gay tendencies which are never talked about.  Maybe if Alan were alive today, his self worth would have led to a man who stood up confidently with a proud gait.

The Imitation Game is worth the rent!

Oh BTW – Cumberbatch.  I love saying his last name.

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