Reiki Certification

This past weekend, I completed another step in my spiritual journal and completed my Level 1 Reiki Certification.

reiki certification

I have been very interested in reiki since my first session with Jasmine last year, that I blogged about here. I have been trying to study more and more about the chakras and have put a let of dedicated focus in 2015 to opening up my throat chakra, speaking my truth and advocating for myself.

When I heard there would be a reiki training at Salt Oasis in Rancho Cucamonga, I signed up right away. Salt Oasis is a wellness center with himalayan salt caves. Inside the salt caves, you relax, breathe deeply and soak in the benefits of renewing your ions. It’s one of my favorite places to be and the perfect environment for learning about energies and chakras.

The class taught by the very knowledgeable and compassionate Nancy Myers. She taught us how to detect energies, set good intentions and be a conduit for healing energy. We practiced reiki on one another and it was so interesting to actually be able to feel, detect and work with the energies of others’ chakra centers.

While I was on the table getting worked, the other practitioners detected that my throat chakra needed work. While reiki was being done to my throat chakra, I felt almost like I needed to cough up a hair ball. My throat itched and I felt as though something would come bursting out. I definitely felt as though my throat chakra was opened, and I know I just need to keep putting that work into practice my speaking up when needed.

At the end of our training, Nancy gave us all certificates, pendulums to detect energy and an assignment of a 21 day chakra cleanse. For 21 days, we will be focusing on our chakras, exploring and balancing them out. We will concentrate on one chakra for three days, then move on to the next.

I went to work this weekend brushing up on my chakra knowledge and diving into Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith. I hope to work on specific things with my chakras that apply to where I am currently. I definitely know my throat chakra needs work, but the more I was studying, the more I realized my third eye chakra is too open and needs more balancing.

chakra studying I am really glad I attended this training. The environment of the salt caves was perfectly relaxing and balancing, Nancy was a wonderful instructor who opened the path for me to continue exploring. I am excited about these 21 days and finding some balance in my chakras.

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