Mantra Monday-“I Am Devoted to Self-Care”

Mantra Monday

After last week’s issues with anxiety, I realized I need to be more devoted to taking care of myself. My anxiety may not have reached the point it did, if I was being more mindful and giving myself the down time I needed or re-prioritizing my responsibilities.

I would say I am devoted to many things. Definitely my family, my job, eating/living healthy, but I do not always apply that same devotion to taking care of myself. What if I devoted as much care to myself as I did to others?

I attended a reiki certification training this weekend at Salt Oasis. I spent 6 hours in a himalayan salt cave, inhaling ions, detoxing and learning to balance my energy and chakras. I slept sounder than I have in a long time and I left feeling completely free of tension. I was astonishingly relaxed and I realized I do not take enough time to do things like this more often.

I may not be able to spend every weekend in a salt cave, but some other things I can do may be; get rid of something on my to-do list, ask my husband for help, go to sleep earlier and complete a task in the morning, stop and drink tea, inhale lavender oil.

I am going to use this mantra this week to remind myself to also do small things for myself, as I do them for others.

I would love to hear from you. How do you manage self-care?

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