Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Samsara

This Friday’s Indie Pendee La La movie embodies the whole reason why I decided to include the words La La in my weekly post.

Let me start off with the title first – Samsara – which means: the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.


My interpretation of the movie is that it’s a visual representation of life from birth to death and everything in between.  It takes the viewer on a journey of over twenty – five countries around the world and gives us a glimpse of God’s human creation.

Spiritually, it reminds me of how small I am in the grand scheme of life.  It also helps me to visualize who God is – all of us.  His creation doing what it does best – being human.

Here’s a super fun clip of a thousand hand Guan Yin:

…and the trailer.

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