Mantra Monday-“I Am Grounded” Legs Up the Wall Pose

I wanted to share my absolute favorite yoga pose for today’s Mantra Monday. My favorite yoga pose is Legs Up the Wall Pose (Viparita Karani). The mantra I frequently pair with this pose is “I Am Grounded.”


While being grounded may have been a negative thing at one point in my life, it is something I find I need more and more as an adult. I interpret being “grounded” to mean being connected to my true self and source. I find I lose this connection in my life when I am getting too caught up in the little things (traffic, missing a yoga class, messing up my calorie count, not getting a text back, overanalyzing something someone said or something I did and on and on). My own head is too much for me sometimes and pair that with life’s busyness (unexpected work stress, my son’s increasing homework load, my husband’s tennis coaching responsibilities, trying to walk my crazy dogs by myself) and a true recipe for a migraine+ back + neck pain (which is where my stress manifests) is born. Add in some menstrual cramps and I was a full-blown mess by Wednesday of this week.

After a few overly-sensitive moments, I realized I needed to get in those pose quick and ground myself back down. I needed some quiet in my mind and body and re-connection to what was truly important.

This is a wonderful pose to help with lower back pain. It really helps relieve my headaches and something about reversing the flow of blood is incredibly calming. Somehow, this pose forces me to shut up. It instantly quiets my mind and gives me the space and permission I need to just be quiet and re-connect back to the earth, myself and my own heart.

For added self-care, I rub lavender oil on my forehead, put my eye pillow over my eyes, turn on my salt rock and sink in to the earth, myself and quiet.

Have you ever tried this pose? Please let me know if it helps you!

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