Indie Pendee La La Movie Friday: Amy

Over the summer break, on a typical Saturday night with absolutely nothing to do, I ventured out into Claremont CA and caught the limited release documentary entitled Amy. It’s a fun little movie that captures the life and times of the late rock singer Amy Winehouse. Although I was never an Amy superfan, I’m fascinated by celebrities who experience public meltdowns and as we all remember, Amy does not disappoint.

Insecurities As Spiritual

Amy had a lot of insecurities even though her voice was amazing. I’m starting to believe more and more that God purposely made us this way so we’d always have a reason to search for her.  But many times, we end up relieving our human misery with sex, drugs and rock -n- roll.

I learned a lot about the private life of Amy while watching the movie.  For instance, I thought her mega hit Rehab was her debut single as an artist; I didn’t know she was already a well known singer in England.  She also suffered from bulimia long before she became famous. I believe the movie did a great job in displaying both sides of the late singer’s personal triumphs as well as her dark side.  It doesn’t stay on one topic too long but gives enough information to satisfy any gossip monger like myself.

If you loved Amy and her songs, or love tragic stories, this movie is a must see.

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