Mantra Monday-“Just Like Me”

I am happy to introduce my new series, “Mantra Monday.” Each Monday, I will be exploring my mantra for the week. This may be a particular phrase or word that I have been working with to keep my grounded, or it may be a  yoga pose or piece of spiritual guidance. It may still even be a song that is inspiring or motivating and reminding us of Music Mondays.

This week’s mantra is one of my favorites, it is “Just Like Me.”

One of my yoga teachers taught me this mantra and how powerful it can be in shifting perspectives when we find ourselves frustrated with others.

When I am tired, irritable or stressed, I find myself getting easily irritated with others. However, this mantra causes an immediate shift in my heart and way of thinking, when I remember to add it on to irritable thoughts.

For example, if I catch myself judging someone or thinking something negative, such as, “he really doesn’t get it” or “she drives like an idiot,” I add “just like me” to the end of that sentence.

There have been many times in my life when I am sure I have been on the other end of someone’s annoyance. I have been the person who “just doesn’t get it” or “drives like it an idiot” and it reminds me of the connection I have with others. It also reminds me that we are all on a journey and while I personally do not want to be judged about where I am in my journey, I should judge others for where they are in their own.

I intend to use “Just Like Me” this week to help navigate new horizons. Will you join me in exploring if this causes a shift in your own perspective?

In love and sisterhood,


mantra monday

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