It Has Been Foooe-evah!

I don’t know anybody that’s not emotionally unstable or schizophrenic.  ~ Lauryn Hill

It has been a while – a long while – since either Angelina or I have posted on our beloved Spiritual Bahana blog.  Angelina has been more consistent while I relegated myself to the position of guest posting.  The first half of 2015 has been tough professionally and personally which left me constantly drained and uninspired.  Thankfully, Angelina was there to support me through the whole ordeal and understood when I needed to take a break.

I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection in the last couple of months and have had to adjust, once again, my own personal concept of God.  Sometimes I still struggle with the idea that he, she, it, they, or whatever it is – is not a genie in a bottle.  It’s a tough lesson to learn that God has already given me everything I need to succeed; I just need to be the one to manifest it.  While Angelina and I continue to process our ideas as we get a little older and hopefully a little wiser, my hope is that we’re able to pass on the information to our readers.

BTW: Hiiiiiiiiii!

Peace friends,


Part of 2015s Summer of Reflection.

Part of 2015s Summer of Reflection.

Hi everyone!

Ed & I missed posting here, but we took a much needed break. After we ended school and let out for summer vacation, we needed to free ourselves from all deadlines, schedules and assignments. We both took a few much needed trips and set off exploring. We both spent some time together by the pool in San Diego and on the shores of Venice Beach. I needed to put an ocean between me and my responsibilities, so I took off for China and Japan.

Ed Ang Phil

China & Japan definitely gave me some new perspective and I hope to apply some of what I learned back into my everyday life. I realized that I sweat the small stuff way too much and I hope to be kind and mindful in my reminders about this to myself, as I start back at work.

Ed & I will be back at work this week, and hopefully, back to a consistent posting schedule. We hope to change things up here slightly. Our Monday and Friday format will be slightly different, so stay tuned to see what replaces Music Monday & Hair in a Bun Friday. We hope to continue sharing more personal portions of our life on Wednesdays, with a funner twist.

Thank-you for hanging in there with us and we hope you also had a wonderful summer!

In love & sisterhood,


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