Music Monday: The “We Just Need to Dance” Version

Hollaaaaa to all my sistas out there! Ed & I have missed you all. We are both wrapping up our respective school years and have been overwhelmed with end of the year craziness. We are DEFINITELY looking forward to our summer breaks and ready to travel, relax, renew and re-charge.

Ed & I had some much needed sister time this weekend. We considered for about five minutes going out dancing and staying up late, but we both said, naaaaah…we preferred to wrap ourselves in our blankets, sip vodka, watch Sex and the City and fall asleep on my couch by 11. It was everything we needed and more.

To re-charge ourselves through this last week of work, we need a short dance party. Crank  up the volume on this one and dance your Monday blues away.

This song, from The Blues Brothers movie, is a long time favorite. My dad would play this movie over and over again when I was younger and I remember him dancing like a complete dork to this song. It is a joyful memory and I would love to share the moment with you all.

Please play this song, through inhibitions aside and dance with me!

Happy Monday!

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