Hair In A Bun Friday: Chaos!

It’s true what they say, when one opportunity closes, another one arises.  I’ve been feeling the effects of that saying for the last couple of weeks.

My mom and dad, after having retired and moved to Arizona fifteen years ago, decided to move back to the house our family grew up in.  Even though I’d visit them periodically during the summer and holidays, it’ll be nice to have them so close by.  I’m actually kind of excited they’re back because I sense a lot of healing is going to happen now that they’re more accessible.

Last week I wrote about taking some time away from my career and allowing myself to tie my hair in a loosely fitted bun, sans make-up, in order to regroup and refocus .  I believe part of that is going to include visiting my parents on a regular basis.  Something real interesting happened during their move back that I’d like to share on this week’s post.

My mom and I are alike in many ways.  Mom is impulsive and so am I.  She got herself into a financial pickle (another trait we share) which led to the decision to sell the house in Tucson and move back here; the equity of the house in Tucson will pay off all her bills and she’ll be able to breath once again.  Well, in order for that to become a reality, mam has to wait patiently for her plans to unfold.

Mom has never been one to plan things out or think things through, it’s mostly been – here’s the decision, let’s do it and hope for the best and clean up the mess after we’re done. In a nut shell, that’s how I run my own life, but this time I was able to see it play out before me.  After haphazardly renting a huge moving van, moving everything into the house in California, and then traveling back to Arizona to put the house up for sale – all at the age of 78 – my mom lost her wallet and my dad broke his ankle.

Chaos ensued.

It took a couple of days to walk my mom off the ledge.

For me, this is going to be a year where I get to speak and interact with my parents as an adult.  This is going to be a time to heal ourselves through our own shared experiences and enlightening conversations.  I’m really blessed to have this personal time with them as we enter into another season of our lives.

Love and Peace,

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