Hair In A Bun Friday: Back to Basics

Exodus 20:12 Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

I took a couple of weeks off from contributing to Spiritual Bahana due to personal issues that I’ve been dealing with over the last year.  I’d like to share some of the events with you on today’s post of Hair In A Bun Friday.

In November of 2012, I received my second credential in education, this time as an Education Specialist; take away the fancy words and what you get is a special education teacher.  Although I enjoyed teaching as a regular ed instructor, I felt the need to go back and get my second credential due to the slow economy.  Teachers were getting pink slipped year after year and in order to remain marketable, I decided a second certificate would give me the edge I needed to stay afloat.

When the 2013/2014 academic school year began, my two credentials in education along with a Masters in Teaching paid off; I was hired on by an affluent district in a desirable neighborhood – in short – I had arrived.  Little did I know this would be the year my life would fall apart.

When I signed my new contract in June of 2013, I was hired on to teach a 5/6 combination class.  I knew it would be a challenge but I was up for it.  Up to this point in my career, I had worked exclusively with low income, predominately Hispanic populations.  The students really needed the basics when it came to education so there wasn’t a lot of time for enrichment activities.  The new district I was contracted to work under would give me an opportunity to work with students who were more prepared.  Unfortunately, two weeks before the school year began, I was moved to the first grade and only had minimal time to prepare for a grade level I had never taught before.

What I didn’t know about myself when I signed on the dotted line was that the new population I would be working for would bring out a wave of insecurities and self doubt.  I was no longer working for uneducated parents but professionals who would demand the very best for their students.  I was not prepared; it became a stressful nightmare and I ended up walking out of the job without prior notice.  My impulsive behavior that had followed me around all my life finally caught up with me in October of 2013.

When the 2014/2015 school year started, I was back with the previous district I had worked for and was ready to begin a new chapter.  It didn’t take long for that new chapter to end quickly.  The previous district I worked for went after my credentials – for good reason – and I’m now on administration leave for 44 days.  I go back next week after having been off for 6 weeks without pay.

I had the opportunity to fight the decision and hire a lawyer to postpone the suspension but after 7 years of fighting to remain employed and having gone to school and worked hard for great evaluations – I was tired of fighting.  I was tired of fighting for a job that was only getting more stressful as each year passed.

When I go back next week, there will only be a month left of the remaining school year. I’ve decided to resign and sub for the upcoming year.  I need a year to regroup and rethink the future.  Within the last several years, I’ve held on tight to my spiritual practices which have been my saving grace through out this whole ordeal.  If it hadn’t been for my faith, I don’t know where I would be; probably in a lawyers office trying to protect my income and excellent health benefits.

Next week, I’d like to continue this subject and write about what I’ve decided to do spiritually for the coming year.

I’m going to channel Christina and go back to basics:




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