Music Monday: The Sunshine Version

What do you think of when you think of sunshine?

It’s that time of year in Southern California, when our sad excuse for a winter quickly skims over spring and jumps right into summer. Highs in the 90s are expected in this week’s forecast.

I do like sunshine, though and have always loved the upbeat, silly Katrina & the Waves song “Walking on Sunshine.” It used to remind me of the scene from “Look Whose Talking” when John Travolta was dancing around the pre-school. I had such a big crush on him in those days, this was after his Saturday Night Fever Hotness and before he got that Scientologist, crazy look in his eye.

still-of-john-travolta-in-look-whos-talking-too-(1990)-large-picture However, once I watched Allison on Intervention, I had a whole new visual for the song. Do you ever watch Intervention? It’s definitely one of my favorite shows. I love seeing the patterns, the family dysfunction and secrets confronted and worked through. But, if I am being really honest, I also love watching the crazy behavior!

Allison tipped the scales with this type of behavior. She was addicted to inhaling computer cleaner and living her life completely high and ignoring reality. Although this is not my way of dealing with life, I can understand how things quickly spiral out of control and a can of pressurized liquid and gas is all you have.

Enjoy Allison’s rendition of the song and a week full of sunshine!

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