Music Monday: The Back in the Gays Version

This weekend, Ed & I got to talking about our 20s and the time we spent exploring the gay lifestyle. He, of course, is a gay man and I have been a fruit fly for as long as I can remember. I have probably spent more time in gay clubs than in straight ones and spent a good portion of my 20s in Palm Springs and West Hollywood.

We went to a new, local gay club on Friday night, something we have not done for a long time. Most Friday nights, we are on our couches or going to sleep early, but we needed some time to kiki and this led us to want to dance.

We looked around at so many who were just starting to explore the lifestyle. Buff boys concerned with their looks and girls who were coming off too strong. We looked at each other and remembered when we were there and realized we do not quite fit into that scene any longer.

We still had fun dancing and talking, but that’s a whole time in our life we have left behind. We are trying to figure out the next phase of our lives now, one that involves more spirituality and connection.

Although we may not be concerned with making it to the gym everyday or the newest mixed drink, with the lowest calories, we can think back fondly on that time and feel glad that we know a little better now.

This song is one that reminds us of those days of twirling, sashaying and vogueing on the dance floor. Luckily, we are learning to show ourselves love first, but it’s still nice to ask for it from others:

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