Music Monday-The Girls, It Ain’t Easy, Version

Ed and I needed a week of silence to contemplate and reflect.

In this week, we have both spent time with our respective groups of Latinas (cousins and friends) and have to conclusion that, girls, it ain’t easy.

Have you seen Mi Vida Loca? It’s a classic. Classic!


Not really. It’s actually a little ridick, but it does give a great perspective on some of the issues us Latinas face. Especially us Latinas that grew up on the ride side of the tracks.

Ed & I have talked about being girls from the wrong side of town and needing to prove something to ourselves and others. Neither one of us were brave enough to get in fights, shank anyone or hide knives in our hair. We both had good enough families to keep us off the streets, but we did hang on the fringes with the girls with the big hair and dark lipstick.

But, we hung around and lived enough to know, girls it ain’t easy. 

Talking with our friends and cousins over the last week has proven once again to us how hard it can be out there to make it in this world without your sistas.

We face issues of “loving hard” and trying to keep our men, we try to balance out being independent and in relationships, we try to be true to ourselves and still be responsible. We try to be true to our culture, yet assimilated to our current societal norms. We sacrifice, sometimes too much and need to tell each other the hard truth, when our boundaries have been crossed.

This song is for all our sisters out there who know, it ain’t easy….

“A woman’s work is never done
Even if it stops, it goes on and on
We work our fingers to the bone
Gotta be home every time he’d phone

Some times the goin’ gets a little tough
It’s seems our best ain’t good enough
Keeps you losin’ sleep
Seven days a week, yeah”

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