Hair In A Bun Friday: It’s Good To Be Friday

“Catholicism is not a soothing religion.  It’s a painful religion.  We’re all gluttons for punishment.” Madonna

Whether you believe Jesus was the son of God or if he was just a holy prophet, let’s all take time today to tie our hair up in a bun for Jesus.

When I was younger and practicing my Catholic faith, along with my family, I remember I couldn’t stand Good Friday. The television had to be off the whole day, we had to eat fish for dinner and go to mass at night.

Looking back though, I’m grateful to my mom for introducing religion into my life. It gave me a structure to build from now that I’m an adult. It has also been a blessing to lean on when life gets rough. The cycle of: life, death and resurrection has given me peace in times when I find that I have to give up an old way of thinking, believing or acting.  The experience may be painful but I have hope that one day that stone will roll away and I’ll find new life.

Hope everyone one takes time to have a Good Friday!







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