Hair In A Bun Friday: Psychosis and Neurosis

I like to play smart, three-dimensional women. I also like to play roles where the women are a little crazy. I just have a feel for crazy people. Lili Taylor

Now that it’s Friday’s Eve and most of us are winding down for the weekend (except our sisters who work retail or any other job that requires weekends) let us all get ready to tie our hair in a loosely fitted bun as we explore the inner workings of our own personal crazy.

I have the blessing of having Angelina in my life. Why is this such a blessing? I’d have to say it’s due to some of the personal issues I’m currently going through. I’ve never been one to explore my own inner crazy due to the embarrassment, shame, guilt or whatever other emotion is out there that stopped me. But the stars have aligned at this moment in time and I’m finding myself in a safe space to let it all go and explore. As with everything, once we allow ourselves to feel, express or learn something, we start seeing other examples of it all around us.

Currently I’m on Spring Break with absolutely no plans at all except to sit around and read, drink coffee and watch endless reruns of Will and Grace on WE.  I was recently watching an episode in which Grace and Leo decide at the last minute to get married. When they get back to the apartment, Grace tells Will the news but he isn’t as excited about it as she thought.  As Grace strong arms Will because he refuses to be happy for her, Leo breaks them up and says, whoa take it easy (to Grace) I still need him (Will) for the 20% of you I can’t handle.  I love that line.

There are certain parts of myself that even can’t handle; that’s why it’s always nice to have friends who can help us out with that little 20%.

Hope you take time this weekend to let it all hang out – just don’t get arrested.


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