Hair In A Bun Friday: Tying It For Spiritual Seekers

Our Generation has had no Great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives. ~ Chuck Palahniuk

I’ve been tying my hair up in a loosely fitted bun lately while reading the spiritual experiences of our readers who have contributed to Spiritual Sidebar.  This is a weekly Tuesday post in which family and friends are given specific questions to answer about their personal spirituality.

In the past, I would have never read someone else’s take on spirituality if they weren’t of my same mind set.  Today, as I’ve been seeking my own path outside the familiar, I’m more interested than ever to see what people’s experiences have been.

As this blog continues to unfold, I’m finding that it represents more than just a girl, a gay and God; it represents different periods in the spiritual journey itself.  Before, when I was a young teen on fire for the Lord, I thought I had all the answers; I thought my religion and beliefs were the only truth, but they weren’t.  That was just a piece of my life which continues to unfold today. So whether you’re a person who has had one belief your entire life, no faith at all, or a purveyor of a variety of faiths, please feel free to read from our contributors; they’re all very interesting and unique.

Spiritual Sidebar: Marcella

Spiritual Sidebar: Leslie

Spiritual Sidebar: Barb

Spiritual Sidebar: Ric


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