Music Monday-The Dramz Version

Ed & I did some soul searching this weekend, and both came to the conclusion that we are a little dramatic.

This may not be a huge surprise to others, but it was revealing for us to examine some of the issues that we have had in our life under this lens and ask, have things really been that bad, or have we made them that bad, because we wanted the dramZ? And dramZ that we create is with a capital Z!

Sometimes we make a small issue into a HUGE issue, because we like having a thing to get attention for that day. It’s a distraction and a break from the mundane.

Sometimes we tie a huge white bow around our heads and sing longingly out into the rain, because we did not get a call back.

dramZ Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam are one of my favorite 80s bands. Their songs remind me of being a kid and wanting to be much older than I was, dancing around and pretending I knew what the songs were about.

This song brings out alllll the dramZ. There is longing, passion and anger, all dressed up in a puffy sleeved dress.

And, that describes Ed & I perfectly.

One thought on “Music Monday-The Dramz Version

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