Music Monday: The Support Version

As Ed & I begin to open ourselves up more and more on this blog and to one another, we have found that others have begin opening up more to us.

We are finding that most people in our lives are dealing with one thing or another and have begin to share those difficult parts of the lives with us. It is eye opening to see that all is not always what it seems with people. We have reflected how we ourselves have put on that mask at times pretending that everything was OK, when the truth would have been surprising.

I had a particularly challenging week. This month marks three years since my father was shot and killed and it is looking like the murder case is finally making it to trial.

Although I will be happy to have this behind me, the process is still difficult. It brings back the trauma and brings about new challenges to deal with.

I have tried to deal with this differently than I have in the past. I am not putting on a strong front and pretending that I am OK. I have reached out to others and asked for support. I have been pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of love that has been sent to me and my family.

Ed has been Chili to my Left-Eye this week (we take turns being the one who burns down houses). He has been supportive, kind and loving, constantly checking in with how I am doing.

tlc And, sometimes, even when you are in a courtroom awaiting the inevitable and wondering how one person could effect the life of your family so profoundly, you remember, at least you have your friends.

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