Spiritual Sidebar ft. Ric

Spiritual sidebar is a weekly interview featuring the spiritual practices of our readers and friends.  This week we are featuring Ed’s friend Ric.  Both of them attended Catholic seminary in 2000.  They have remained friends ever since.

  1. Tell us about yourself.  I’m a 37 year old Latino Male who migrated to the U.S when I was 10. I’m the first in my family to attend and graduate from college and I’m now working on my Master’s Degree on Clinical Psychology.
  2. What do you believe spirituality is? Spirituality is a connection with a higher being, in my case God. Through this connection I can ‘talk’ to God and at moments without even realizing that I’m doing it. There is a constant connection from my soul and it nourishes me as a person. When I am in grace I find myself more accepting of others, willing to help in whichever way I can, and I fill fulfilled/complete because my life has a purpose.
  3. Did you attend church? Did you identify with a specific religion? How was it presented to you? How did you relate to it? I attend church on a regular basis, and I am Roman Catholic from birth. I have come to learn and build on my Roman Catholic faith
  4. Did your spiritual views change as you entered adolescence? As an adolescent I drifted away from anything religious. My foundation was not solid in my faith and I wanted control over my life. There was conflict as I tried to understand why I was so naïve and why my parents only gave me a superficial teaching of who God is. It was this constant conflict that kept me from anything spiritual. Instead of searching for answers I took the easy way out and ignored everything.
  5. Has your relationship with spirituality shifted as you entered adulthood? There is a constant “shift” in any relationship as one matures. I believe that I now have a better relationship with God and I’m able to better communicate through my prayers. Although at moments I wish I had the innocence of a child when it comes to spirituality, I know that one must mature.
  6. What is your spiritual life like today? Whenever I lose that connection with God I get a feeling of emptiness. Recently I have been so concerned with the direction of my life and career, that I have set aside my prayer life. As much as I try to use my commute time to pray and meditate, it is extremely difficult to stay focus, since attention has to be on the road. I try to dedicate the first few minutes of my day to prayer, but I soon find myself wondering off and planning my day. I have noticed that my lack of spiritual life makes me angry and I become frustrated easily.

Next week, we’ll feature a friend of Angelina’s.


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