Heart In A Bun Friday: A Vocabulary for Love

Carrie:   Aside from the space issue… why’d you move to New York?
Louise:    …to fall in love.

As I continue forward along the path of my spiritual journey, I’m encountering new and exciting things about myself for which I had no vocabulary.  I’ve often heard the quote, “speak with your heart and not your mind.”  There are many variations to the quote but the one I just used pretty much sums up what I’m finding as I open myself up to the next stage.

When I learned the definition for ego I usually associated it with pretty rich people; I never imagined I had one.  Then when I went to college and learned the clinical definition for it – again – I didn’t associate myself with it.  But after I received my degrees and started to make a living for myself, I look back and realize my ego had been ruling much of my life.

This whole time I’ve been thinking with my head and not allowing my heart time to breath.  Here’s what I imagine the center of my chest must look like:

Icy_cave_5_by_Arctic_Stock icy_cave_by_aydiah-d60zisz

As I put all my worldly achievements behind me and allow the next part of my life to spiritually unfold, I’d like to take on the task of thawing out my heart center. I’ll definitely need to tie my hair in a loosely fitted bun for this one.

images (2)

So that one day all parts of my heart will beat warmly throughout.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all our sisters!

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