The Great Spin Out-Part 1 of 2

There was a significant moment in my life that occurred nearly one year ago. As we approach the anniversary, I wanted to share where I was at spiritually before it occurred and the shift that begin as a result of:

The Great Spin Out.

The Spin OutEd & I talked at length about the significance of the event and what was occurring spiritually for me, at the time. We both realized although I had the literal spin out, we have also both experienced metaphorical versions of spin outs, in other points in our lives.

At the time of the spin out, I was barely started to explore spirituality again. I had not given much thought or focus to my spiritual self for the past few years. It had been a few months, but I begin praying again and looking to connect with a source.

I felt no one was listening and it was futile. I was still having my doubts and explaining things away with my logical mind.

Yet, something kept brining me back to looking for a connection. I had started a regular meditation practice and I was continuing to work on quieting my mind enough to hear. I still had so much work to do with my heart, but my mind is where it started.

This was the mind frame I was in when I got in my car, on that rare, rainy California morning. It was pouring, but I left early enough so I could drive slowly. I take a busy freeway, then a windy highway to get to work and I know how weather can effect my commute.

My mind was slowly beginning to open to a spiritual connection. Please check back to hear how the spin out helped that along…

In love and sisterhood,


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