Music Monday-The Wino Edition

One of my current favorite songs is Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, that I blogged about here.

I forgot how much I liked Mark Ronson and was reminded about when I first heard his work.

It was through Amy Winehouse.

Amy, Amy, Amy. Oh, how you disappointed me. You made me love you and have hope again for music, but then you threw it all away into a downward spiral of negative coping mechanisms.

When Amy Winehouse debuted, I had given up on contemporary music. I loathed everything that was on the top 40 of the time and thought I was going to listen to my old collections for the rest of my life. I was introduced to Amy the way that I was introduced to everything new and upcoming of the time, by Perez Hilton.

I immediately loved Amy. Her classic beats, her super fun hair, her throw back eyeliner, her raw lyrics and soulful sound. I bought her first album Frank and was delighted to hear Back to Black. I thought music was saved.

2007 ELLE Style Awards in London

Valerie is my favorite Amy Winehouse song and one of my karaoke favorites. There is so much feeling pent up in the song and Amy was an expert at making sadness sound beautiful. I love the class vibe of the song and I currently own 5 different versions of it.

I listened to Amy’s records constantly, until my co-workers were absolutely sick of hearing her on repeat. I thought some of her behavior was a little erratic, but funny at first. At least she knew how to have a good time and she spoke her mind.

But then, it got worse. Much worse.

I begin to worry the more weight she dropped and the more she slurred. The whole Blaaaaaakkkkke fiasco had me wanting to stage an intervention. I still held out hope that she would get it together and put out more music. I heard Mark Ronson refused to work with her anymore until she got clean. Well, and then…you all know the rest.

sad amy-winehouse-crazy-dope I was so disappointed. I was sad and sickened about how addiction took hold of her. I was devastated that someone with so much talent and so much to offer and the world of music, let it all go.

But, there is also a part of me that gets it. Life is tough. I can’t imagine that fame is easy and heart break is well, heart breaking. We all have our ways of coping. Some of us cry, some of us eat. Some of us smoke crack. I would like to think that I handle things better than that, but who am I to judge?

I still love you Amy, and here’s to better times.

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