Hair In A Bun Friday: European Style

“Not only did I not have a vocabulary for it (mental illness), I realized, startlingly, that [the psychiatrists] didn’t either.” – Glenn Close

Hair in a bun Friday has always been about tying up your hair in a loosely fitted bun, after a long work week, with what ever energy you have left in order to make it to Friday.  Over the weekend, I found out our sisters across the pond share the same belief.

Last Saturday, while on a kinda – date, I saw the movie Two Days and One Night starring Oscar nominated actress Marion Cotillard.  This is a small art house movie that didn’t get much theater attention until Marion was nominated for the role; unfortunately it’s still hard to find outside of major cities.

I. LOVED. THIS. MOVIE.  It had drama, French sub-titles and fashion all rolled into one. The plot is about a women who has been out of work for four weeks due to depression. In her absence, the company she works for realizes they can get the same amount of work done without her, and as a result, all fifteen employees get a raise.  In order to get her position back, she must visit each employee over the course of the weekend and ask them to give up their raise so she can work again

This movie is an emotional journey filled with vulnerability, breakdowns and tears.  There are moments when the character has to excuse herself in the middle of a conversation so that she can burst out into tears.

The best part of the movie was Marion’s simple fashion; although she was a women on the verge of yet another break down, she tied her hair up in a bun and forged ahead to save her livelihood.  I related to the character in many ways:

There have been moments where I need to go into the bathroom in order to give myself a pep talk.

There have been moments when I’ve been in the restroom telling myself, “you mustn’t cry.”

...moments when I stare blankly outside an open window.

…moments when I stare blankly outside an open window.

...moments when work has been way too much.

…moments when work has been way too much.

...moments while driving and a good song comes on.

…moments when a good song helps me forget my problems.

Through out most of the movie, Marion rocks a simple pink wife beater and over sized purse.  I’m not sure of the contents inside the bag but I believe it had something to do with her problems.



This movie is not for everyone; but if you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of a depression or a period in life where nothing makes sense it’s worth seeing.









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